“Private Lives of Nashville Wives” episode 2 recap


So Monday night was the second episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives titled "Fun Sponge." We got to see a bit more of the ladies' personalities and not all of them were as pleasant as they were on the premiere. 

Here's a recap of the show complete with pictures screen captured from the episode that you can watch here if you happened to have missed it on Monday. 


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My ‘Private Lives of Nashville Wives’ way-too-long recap


So did you happen to catch the premiere of the new reality series "Private Lives of Nashville Wives" Monday night on TNT? 

If you didn't then you missed the introduction to the ladies who will be taking fans behind the scenes of Nashville's glamorous wife brigade. 

Monday's premiere started out promising enough with an intro containing a few tears, some soundbites about the Nashville music scene being ruthless and one of the wives making a comment about how she'd make out with any of the other wives' husbands. There also appeared to be some fighting and cattiness and maybe more than a little bitchiness … just what I like in my reality programming. Unfortunately, the show – at least this first episode – turned out to be really, really tame. I was expecting some sort of drama to creep into the fancy surroundings, but I guess they're saving the good stuff for later.   


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