Nashville, Season 2, Episode 12 – RECAP


The drama continues as Juliette tries to overcome the fact that thousands of fans are burning her albums. However, many venues are pulling out of her tour, for threat or for political reasons. Juliette is furious, but becomes increasingly deflated as the episode goes on, and considers that she might lose her entire career. Avery steps in to save the day (after she’s downed a bottle of vodka and passed out), and decides to remind her what she loved about her life in the first place, but dressing her up in disguise and taking her down to the street to perform as someone else. A crowd gathers, and she loves it, but Juliette still decides to go home and mull over everything instead of spend further time with THE GUY WHO IS DOING EVERYTHING FOR HER. Jeez, this girl needs glasses. Meanwhile Jeff turns up at Juliette’s house to have a go at her and threaten her, right up in her face! He demands that she apologizes to the public, even though she doesn’t want to lie. She finally goes to church and makes some peace, and then arrives at Avery’s house to write a song, having “made her decision”. 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 2 – RECAP


Nashville just keep bringing the amazing episodes. Edge Hill
has been sold and Marshall was fired, in favor of a new label head called Jeff.
He’s a pencil pusher and isn’t too keen on Juliette, as the more mature sound
on her new album isn’t selling enough records. She’s being outsold by ‘The Best
of Rayna Jaymes’ seemingly exploitatively released while Rayna was in hospital.
Juliette is getting irritated by the constant attention on her rival, and
decides to do a CMT special to promote the album. Going back to her hometown
(which is, of course, a trailer park), she seems cool and collected until she
is confronted by old neighbors she grew up with, and old memories, particularly
of her dad, who we find out passed away when she was a kid (drugs?). Meanwhile
she and Avery are getting closer, and I really ship them as friends (with
benefits?). Juliette’s plan works and her single hits #1 on iTunes, rubbing it
in Jeff’s face when she goes to a party at his house. Unfortunately, she soon
finds out it has been knocked straight off #1 by Layla, runner-up on American
Hitmaker (like American Idol), who is younger, more impatient and bouncier than
Juliette. She also performs one of Juliette’s songs at the party, which
apparently was one of her most popular performances on the show. Juliette now
knows what it feels like to be Rayna! 


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