Chase Rice Concert Review – One To Remember


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If Chase Rice isn't a country name that you're familiar with, you should be! On February 6th 2014, Chase played to a sold out crowd at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. He took the stage full of energy, ready to party, with what I can only assume was a Jack and Coke in his hand. Girls in the crowd went crazy over Chase, which I can relate to. He is a very confident, very good looking up and coming new country artist.


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In defense of Trace Adkins’ impersonator, Michael Larsen

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A lot has been written about Trace Adkins and the events that transpired last week on the country cruise that ended up with the singer heading to rehab

In fact, I had a lengthy post about what I had dug up about Michael Larsen, the guy who fancies himself a Trace Adkins impersonator and who Trace got into an argument with on board the ship. 

Life being what it is, Trace has far more fans than Michael Larsen and so more people have come out to defend Trace. Well turns out Larsen does have at least one vocal fan and she wrote me this morning. 


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Is the guy Trace Adkins got into a fight with a stalker or just a super-fan?


Update: Love & Theft's Stephen Barker Liles has pretty much confirmed in a new interview what I suspected in writing this story … Trace had gotten angry at Larsen for shadowing him for so long and following him to the cruise. Stephen also said that the guy had started signing autographs with Trace's name. Thankfully he says no punches were thrown between the two men. 

As you've probably heard by now, Trace Adkins' cruise this week ended up being anything but smooth sailing and Trace has since checked himself into rehab for alcohol. 

Since yesterday, I've heard from multiple people who are on the cruise that Trace was asked to leave the ship and didn't just leave because he felt the need to head to rehab. I'm happy he's gone back to rehab, no matter how he got there, but since yesterday I've been kind of curious what the story is with the guy Trace got into the tussle with. 

Up until now, all we've known him as is a Trace Adkins impersonator and that's been about it. 

Well in this day and age it doesn't take long for things to get around so now let me introduce you to Michael Larsen, the impersonator who is probably on minute 2 of his now quickly ticking away 15 who riled up country's resident gentle giant, Trace Adkins. 


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