“Sing it Like Jake” winner Ty Bates 4 years later…

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It's kind of like watching a movie where you wait the whole movie for two people to kiss and then finally at the very end they do, but then they cue the credits and music and you're left with one lingering question: What happened next?! Well, for those of you that remember 4 years(Yes, it's really already been 4 years) ago Jake Owen hosted the "Sing It Like Jake" contest, where he would pick one lucky winner to take on stage and sing with him in front of his home town. Yeah, well the lucky winner was Ty Bates. I felt compelled by his story because for so many up and coming artists, they are constantly looking for outlets to get that big break, but it's what happens next that is the testimony to the artists that are willing to continue to work towards their dreams. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ty before his show opening up for Dustin Lynch on the legendary stage at Whiskey Wild (where I soon learned, the owner Chad and his crew know how to put on one massive show!) and discuss how his life has changed after being up on stage with Jake Owens.


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