Sunny Sweeney hopes to provoke you with her new album

Sunny Sweeny VenganceSunny's current single Bad Girl Phase is available for download on iTunes now

Sunny Sweeney is ready to talk, or rather sing, about it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly—on her new album PROVOKED, a 13-song sampling from the songstress American Songwriter raves as “a modern country music singer with a retro streak.” After her first two albums, Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame and Concrete, this critically acclaimed Texas honky-tonker isn’t about to play coy now. Sweeney has teamed up with Thirty Tigers to release her third album on August 5, 2014 with SiriusXM’s “The Highway” already championing the lead single “Bad Girl Phase.”  


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Eric Church announces “The Outsiders World Tour”


What! No Idaho dates? Boooo! 

Eric Church announced his new tour, The Outsiders World Tour, this morning and despite having 31 dates on the first leg, none are coming to my area. 

Yes, I'm honestly sad about that. Guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for the second leg of the tour. 

Anyhoo, the tour sounds like it's going to be all kinds of awesome with Eric bringing Dwight Yoakam out for the entire tour and the Brothers Osborne, Brandy Clark, and the hard rocking band Halestorm joining him for various shows. 


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Well now this is disappointing Brandy Clark news

Brandy Clark

In disappointing, I'm-definitely-making-a-mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill news, it's been revealed that Brandy Clark's music video for Get High will debut exclusively on today. 

Yes, Perez Hilton, the often-pink-haired celebrity gossip blogger, is exclusively debuting a country music video. 

What the what? 


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So it turns out country music already has it’s first openly gay star

Charley Pride quote

Ever since the day Chely Wright came out as a lesbian and then made such a big deal about country music as a whole not accepting her because of her announcement, I've been on the lookout for someone I thought might just be able to prove that country fans care about good music and not about a person's orientation. 

Yes, it's been my private mission to prove Chely Wright wrong. 

It's not as if I actually care if someone is gay, because I really don't, but rather I've been hoping that someone would come along who could show the world that the country music fan base isn't just a collection of bigoted rednecks who would hate a person simply because they're gay. Unfortunately, Chely, despite being brave in her coming out and I'm sure being a lovely person in real life, didn't help matters at all by documenting on a regular basis how she felt the country community had turned its back on her. 

Since then, NashvilleGab has featured several different stories regarding gay country singers. It's not like we have a gay agenda around here or anything like that, it just isn't a subject that I or any of my other writers shy away from. 

That said, I've still been looking and keeping my ears and eyes open for the time when someone would break through and be popular and talked about and have great music and would just happen to also be gay. 

Turns out that person is already here. 


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Brandy Clark thinks the tides are turning for women


So many people think Brandy Clark's going to have a breakout year this year. While I'm hopeful she will, 2013 was tough for women in country music. If you've seen the mini-documentary I put together, you're familiar with what I'm talking about.

Brandy reveals in my new interview with her that while she's not too worried about radio play for her own music right now, she's pretty sure that women are getting ready to make a come back on the radio.  

Brandy also revealed an exciting bit of news. She's currently in New York writing music for a new Hee Haw musical that's getting ready to happen. 

How cool is that?

Here's my conversation with Brandy, followed by some of her tunes.

Here's the video for the lead single from Brandy's new release.


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