Sounds like the Westboro Baptist Church is a little obsessed with Brad Paisley

Brad-paisley Westboro

After Brad Paisley trolled the hate-trolls of the Westboro Baptist Church back a few weeks ago by taking a selfie with them, you would have thought that would have been the end of their interaction. Turns out, however, that you'd be wrong because it looks like the "church" is now a little obsessed with Mr. Paisley. 

Guess they liked all that free publicity. 


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Brad Paisley has two people his wife is not allowed to kiss

Brad-and-kimberley-williams-paisley(Photo : Reuters)

Think about your spouse or significant other if you have one. Now think of them kissing someone else. 

Yeah, not a pleasant thought for most of us.

Well Brad Paisley has to deal with that on a regular basis since his wife is an actress. Turns out, however, he's okay with her kissing other guys with the exception of two.

Brad spoke way back in June of last year with KFROG and revealed the two men he has on his do-not-kiss-my-wife list. 


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