Billy Ray Cyrus sings a sad song and brings up Puff the Magic Dragon in newest Seriously Cyrus

I've often made fun of the always-sad Billy Ray Cyrus, but listening to his song Lately that he performed on the latest episode of Seriously Cyrus with one of the members of his band, Brother Clyde, and Johnzo West and honestly I think I'm digging the whole sad Cyrus vibe. 

Go ahead Billy Ray, be as sad as you wanna be … just next time let's leave Puff the Magic Dragon living by the sea, frolicking in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee, shall we? 

Don't worry, if you watch the video to the end you'll see what I'm carrying on about.  

You can watch the official video for Lately that Billy Ray mentions in the video here. You can purchase Lately on iTunes and Amazon and you can read the lyrics after the jump. 


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