The new face of country radio wears a studded belt and black nail polish

DJ Sinister

If you thought country music was becoming way too hip hop infused before, wait until you meet DJ Sinister. He's a new breed of country DJ and he's coming for your radio airwaves. 

Hold me … I'm scared. 

Now I'm not one to judge a book by its cover for the most part, but I have a feeling I may need to enlist my teen daughter and her understanding and acceptance of men who wear black nail polish with lipstick to match to navigate my way through this new phase of country music. 

Yeah, I bet the guy over at Saving Country Music is gonna have a field day with this. 

All joking aside, curiosity is going to end up getting the best of me and I imagine I'll be searching out DJ Sinister's show on the internet just to see what it is he's offering and how different it really is. What can I say? I guess in the end nosy will always win out over apprehension and fear when it comes to me. 

If you're curious too, you can read the full story of DJ Sinister and his foray into country radio after the jump. 


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Ashley Monroe denies the Pistol Annies have broken up

Ashley MonroeYouTube 

There's been a long-running rumor that Miranda Lambert's awesomer-than-awesome girl band, the Pistol Annies, have broken up. With a canceled tour and nothing new coming along for so long, it's understandable why the rumor persists.

Well NashvilleGab friend (and sometimes writer) Vickey, had the chance to interview Ashley Monroe for her own blog recently and asked Ashley about that pesky rumor. 


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