Rascal Flatts admits to lip syncing at ACM Awards

Flatts ACM awards

So did they or didn’t they? 

After Rascal Flatts performed at Sunday night’s ACM Awards, the word on the street was that they had lip synced their performance. Being one who has never been hugely against lip syncing, I didn’t even bother to take a second look at their performance video. 

Well it turns out that the Flatts Boys aren’t even denying that they faked it and that they did it really, really badly.  


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Justin Moore is technically ineligible for ACM New Artist of the year

Justin Moore

Justin Moore, an artist on Borchetta's Big Machine Records, seems like a really great guy who for one reason or another, despite a catalog of awesome songs, has been largely ignored by awards show. He even complained last year about being left out of the shows and not knowing why

Well here's a thought, maybe if the awards shows stopped thinking of him as a new artist and started putting him in the correct categories, maybe he'd have a better experience. 

Case in point, Broadway recently spoke with fellow music blogger, Windmills Country, and she revealed that she had recently done a little digging and found that Justin isn't eligible for a New Artist of the Year ACM because, by their own criteria, he's sold too many albums. 

You know, because he's not a new damn artist. 


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