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NHL’s “Stanley Pup” Features Miranda Lambert & More

The excitement of the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs is about to get a heartwarming twist with the NHL’s newest event, “Stanley Pup.” In collaboration with the nonprofit organization Petco Love, the National Hockey League is hosting a friendly competition featuring adoptable rescue dogs.

This innovative event aims to raise awareness about animal adoption, spotlight the invaluable work of shelters and rescue groups, and provide viewers with an entertaining and meaningful experience.

In this article, we’ll dive into the behind-the-scenes efforts that brought “Stanley Pup” to life, explore the participating shelters and their stories, and highlight the involvement of celebrity advocates like Miranda Lambert, Mickey Guyton, and Kristin Chenoweth.

Whether you’re a hockey fan, a dog lover, or both, this comprehensive guide will prepare you for a memorable event that celebrates the special bond between humans and their four-legged friends.

A Pawsitively Adorable Competition

The “Stanley Pup” competition will feature adoptable dogs representing all 32 NHL teams, each hailing from a shelter or rescue group in their respective cities. During the special hour-long broadcast, 16 pups will compete, symbolizing the teams that have qualified for the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

This event is more than just a cute distraction; it serves a higher purpose by promoting the adoption of rescue dogs and supporting animal welfare organizations across North America.

Each pup will showcase its unique canine skills in a series of friendly challenges, designed to entertain and highlight the playful nature of these lovable animals. From agility courses to fetching games, these adoptable stars will demonstrate their charm, agility, and potential to become cherished family members.

Broadcast Information and Viewer Engagement

The “Stanley Pup” competition will be broadcast in the United States on NHL Network and ESPN+ starting at 8 p.m. ET on June 7. Canadian audiences can tune in on Sportsnet beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET on June 8. This prime-time slot ensures that the event reaches a wide audience, maximizing its impact and encouraging viewers to consider adopting a rescue dog.

Celebrity Appearances and Expert Commentary

Adding to the excitement, the show will feature special appearances by renowned celebrity dog lovers, including country music stars Miranda Lambert and Mickey Guyton, and the versatile entertainer Kristin Chenoweth. Their participation underscores the widespread appeal and support for animal adoption and welfare.

Miranda Lambert, showcasing her immense love for dogs.
(Image Sourced Via The Tennessean)

Commentary and play-by-play narration will be provided by the dynamic duo of Akbar Gbajabiamila and Mark Shunock, with Alexa Landestoy reporting rinkside. Their lively and enthusiastic commentary will guide viewers through the competition, ensuring that each pup’s personality and skills are given the spotlight they deserve.

The Advocates for Animal Welfare

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert and Mickey Guyton are not just celebrity guests; they are passionate advocates for animal welfare.

Lambert, known for her chart-topping country hits, is also the founder of MuttNation Foundation, an organization that promotes the adoption of rescue animals and supports shelters across the United States. Her involvement in “Stanley Pup” aligns with her long-standing commitment to animal rescue and advocacy.

Mickey Guyton:

Mickey Guyton, another beloved country artist, has also been vocal about her support for animal adoption. Her involvement in the event highlights the universal appeal of rescue dogs and the importance of giving these animals a second chance at a happy life.

“Every dog deserves a loving home. Proud to be part of #StanleyPup2024!” –

@mirandalambert 🐶❤️ Adopt, don’t shop! 🏒🐾

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth, the Tony and Emmy award-winning actress and singer, is a well-known dog lover. Her participation in the “Stanley Pup” competition adds an extra layer of star power and heart to the event.

Chenoweth’s love for dogs is evident in her social media posts and public appearances, where she often advocates for adoption and responsible pet ownership.

Behind the Scenes: Organizing “Stanley Pup”

Planning and Collaboration

The “Stanley Pup” competition is a testament to the collaborative efforts between the NHL and Petco Love. The planning process began months in advance, with key organizers from both organizations working closely to ensure a seamless and impactful event.

The primary goals were to raise awareness about animal adoption, highlight the work of local shelters and rescue groups, and provide a fun, engaging spectacle for viewers.

Dog in action
It’s all paws on deck as these rescue dogs showcase their skills and charm in the competition.
(Source: VIA @CAPSPUP (TWITTER)/ Forbes)

Selection of Pups

Selecting the right dogs to represent each NHL team was a meticulous process. Each team is represented by a rescue dog from a local shelter or rescue group in their respective cities. The criteria for selection included the dogs’ temperament, health, and ability to participate in friendly competitions.’

The involvement of local shelters and rescue groups was crucial, as these organizations provided the necessary care and training to prepare the pups for the event.

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Spotlight on Participating Shelters and Rescue Groups

Local Hero Stories

The “Stanley Pup” competition shines a light on the incredible work done by shelters and rescue groups across North America. Organizations like the ASPCA, Humane Society, and countless local shelters have dedicated staff and volunteers who tirelessly work to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals.

Stories of their challenges and successes are inspirational, showcasing their commitment to animal welfare.

Impact of Participation

Participating in “Stanley Pup” offers numerous benefits for these organizations. The increased visibility of the event helps attract potential adopters and donors, while the spotlight on specific dogs increases their chances of finding forever homes.

Additionally, the event highlights the ongoing need for support in the animal rescue community, encouraging viewers to get involved.

Key information about the participating shelters and rescue dogs

NHL TeamShelter/Rescue GroupLocationDog’s NameBreedAgeAdoption Contact
Anaheim DucksOrange County Animal RescueAnaheim, CABuddyLabrador Mix3 years[email protected]
Boston BruinsBoston Humane SocietyBoston, MAScoutBeagle2 years[email protected]
Chicago BlackhawksChicago Pet RescueChicago, ILDaisyTerrier Mix1 year[email protected]
Key information about shelters and dogs participating in the competition.


  • The “Stanley Pup” competition has brought together the worlds of sports, entertainment, and animal welfare in a heartwarming celebration of compassion and companionship.
  • From the collaborative efforts of the NHL and Petco Love to the heartwarming stories of participating shelters and rescue dogs, this event has captured the hearts of viewers across North America.
  • Throughout this article, we’ve explored the behind-the-scenes planning, the impact on participating shelters, and the involvement of celebrity advocates like Miranda Lambert, Mickey Guyton, and Kristin Chenoweth, who have lent their voices and support to this important cause.
  • Their dedication to animal welfare and their passion for rescue dogs have shone brightly, inspiring countless fans to consider adoption and support the efforts of local shelters and rescue groups.
  • With the support of passionate advocates, dedicated organizations, and compassionate viewers, we can create a brighter future for all animals in need.
  • So mark your calendars, gather your loved ones, and join us for the next installment of Stanley Pup, where the spirit of competition meets the spirit of compassion, and where every dog, no matter their past, has a chance to find their forever home.
  • Together, we can make a difference, one paw at a time!

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