If you’re here to see why my Twitter isn’t working, let me tell you a story

Well I’m in Twitter jail and it’s my own dumbass fault. As I sometimes do, I messed with things I didn’t need to mess with and it got me in trouble. My trouble started because for some reason I got curious about what singers I had on my Twitter lists. Twitter lists are lists of Twitter accounts you can make if you want to see tweets only from specific people. They’re handy for keeping track of famous people and what they have to say. While going over said Twitter lists, I noticed the birthdate listed on Twitter was January 1,

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Introducing Elizabeth Donald: “Easier To Apologize”

Here at NashvilleGab, we pride ourselves on championing new music. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Australian country artist, Elizabeth Donald, and her new single “Easier to Apologize.” The song, out today (July 12), is a powerful ballad about how it’s easier to apologize than to fight in a relationship. Written by country hit-maker Hillary Lindsey (“Girl Crush, “Two Black Cadillacs”, “American Honey”), “Easier to Apologize,” hearkens back to the heyday of women in country music. Produced at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville by John McBride, Dann Huff, and David Huff, the song is remnant of early releases

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Top 10 Music Colleges in the US

There are many debates as to why young musicians need to attend college in the first place, never mind one that is aimed at a talent. The thing is that while being a musician stems from having talent, turning that talent into a career takes a lot more than just knowing how to perform. There are music programs and degrees at many different tertiary institutions, but if you want to make it in the industry, there are a few places that rank above the rest. These colleges help build the foundation that your talent performs upon, it all depends on

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