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Morgan Wallen Teases New Album in the Works with Studio Snaps

Morgan Wallen is currently hitting the road on his extensive “One Night At A Time Tour,” bringing his chart-topping hits to stadiums across the US.

While captivating audiences live, Wallen isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s also busy crafting new music, hinting at the next chapter in his musical journey.

Social media posts and industry whispers suggest he’s already in the studio, potentially cooking up his highly anticipated follow-up to the record-breaking “One Thing At A Time.”

Wallen’s producer expects the new album to be his biggest yet.

As anticipation builds, one thing is certain: Morgan Wallen is poised to deliver another stellar album, further cementing his place in the country music scene.

Keep reading to know more about it.

“One Thing At A Time.” is Coming Soon

On 1st June, the “Thought You Should Know” singer-songwriter shared a photo from the studio, playfully adding a ‘Chef’ emoji, suggesting he’s cooking up something special for his eagerly awaiting audience.

The snapshot, taken by Matthew Paskert, shows Wallen in his creative element, promising more hits to come.

Morgan Wallen working in his studio.
Morgan Wallen working in his studio.

Wallen has been busy sharing snippets of potential tracks, including the infectious “Love Somebody,” the introspective “I Guess,” and the simmering “Lies, Lies, Lies.” These glimpses hint at the sonic diversity fans can expect from his follow-up to the highly successful “One Thing At A Time.”

Album StatusIn progress
First TeaserJune 1, 2024 (Instagram post)
Confirmed Tracks– “Love Somebody” <br> – “I Guess” <br> – “Lies, Lies, Lies”
First Live Performance“Lies, Lies, Lies” at Nashville’s Soho House
Morgan Upcoming Album Details

He is actually working on the album tirelessly for some time now. In a recent January interview with Billboard, Wallen revealed that he began the recording process for his new album at the end of February.

With his social media abuzz with song demos and clips, it seems he’s carefully testing which tracks will make the final cut and potentially serve as the lead single for his upcoming project.

Nashville’s Soho House Performance

Adding to the excitement, Wallen recently performed “Lies, Lies, Lies” during a special showcase at Nashville’s Soho House, alongside fellow hitmakers ERNEST and HARDY.

@morganfreakinwallen 🧡 Morgan and the boys at a pop up show last night in Nashville!!! (via IG)🔥🎙🎼😻😁😏😉 #morganwallen #hardy #ernest #larryfleet #iheartcountry #sohohouse #nashville #newsong #lieslieslies #iloveit #morethanmyhometown #flowershops #manmadeabar #WHEW #DAYUMMM #THISMAN #THATVOICE #THATSMILE #THISSONG #fyp #GAHT🔥 ♬ Last Night (Morgan Wallen vs Chainsmokers Last Night Roadhouse x Skillz ReMix) – Morgan Wallen

This performance, coupled with his release of the song as part of his Abbey Road Sessions project in March, indicates that this fan-favorite might be a strong contender for the new album’s first single.

While the exact release date for Wallen’s next album remains under wraps, his Instagram stories provide a clear sign that he’s making the most of his studio time in between tour stops.

Moreover, a few weeks ago, the “Last Night” artist’s post tagged award-winning producer Joey Moi, hinting at a collaborative effort that promises to deliver more chart-topping hits.

Fans eagerly await more updates, and with Wallen’s This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen in Nashville now open, there’s hope he might share some of his new creations live.

Morgan Wallen’s current studio stint, combined with his ongoing 2024 tour, showcases his relentless drive to create music that resonates deeply with his audience.

Stay tuned for more updates as Wallen continues to tease his next big release, proving once again that whenever there’s new music on the horizon from this country star, it’s a cause for celebration.

Streaming Domination

Morgan Wallen is a master of country music streaming. He knows the strategy and that will going to help him make his next album hit on streaming sites as well.

His strategy of releasing albums with over 30 tracks has been highly successful, racking up massive consumption numbers and significantly impacting the genre’s streaming landscape.

This strategy, along with his overall popularity, is credited with a large portion of the 24% year-over-year growth in country music streaming in 2023.

Wallen’s influence on the industry is undeniable, and his approach is likely to be adopted (or adapted) by other artists looking to capitalize on the streaming boom.

YearCountry Music Streaming GrowthMorgan Wallen’s Contribution to Growth
Country music streaming in 2023
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Hot off a Collaboration with Post Malone

It’s worth noting that Wallen just wrapped up a successful collaboration with genre-bending artist Post Malone.

Their recent single, “I Had Some Help,” hit number one on the iTunes chart within hours of its release, proving Wallen’s star power continues to shine brightly.

Post Malone – I Had Some Help (feat. Morgan Wallen) (Official Video)

This collaboration has some fans wondering if Wallen might explore new sonic territories on his upcoming album.

Will there be more genre-bending collaborations in Wallen’s future? Only time will tell. But one thing is clear – Morgan Wallen is a creative force to be reckoned with, and his next album is sure to be a smash hit.

Fanbase Loyalty and Redemption

Those who are not fans of Morgan Wallen might think that his past year’s controversies could cause a loss of fans, but that’s not the case. Despite the controversies surrounding Morgan Wallen over the past year, his massive fanbase has proven surprisingly resilient.

Following a highly publicized incident in 2021 involving a racist slur, many might have expected a significant loss in support.

However, Wallen’s fans have remained steadfast, demonstrating their unwavering loyalty and enthusiasm for his music.

While there was an undeniable backlash, a significant portion of his fans stuck by him. Wallen himself has expressed remorse and a commitment to self-education.

Whether this translates to long-term forgiveness remains to be seen, but it highlights the complexities of fan loyalty and the potential for redemption in the eyes of the public.

This unwavering support from a core group of fans is likely a significant factor in the anticipation surrounding his upcoming album.

While the specifics of the album remain under wraps, the combination of Wallen’s streaming prowess, dedicated fanbase, and producer’s high expectations fuels the anticipation for what is expected to be his biggest album yet.


  • Morgan Wallen is currently captivating audiences on his “One Night At A Time Tour” while simultaneously working on new music.
  • Despite past controversies, his fanbase remains incredibly resilient and loyal.
  • Wallen has teased his upcoming album with social media posts and snippets of new tracks, promising an exciting follow-up to his record-breaking “One Thing At A Time.”
  • His collaboration with award-winning producer Joey Moi hints at another batch of chart-topping hits.
  • Meanwhile, his strategy of releasing albums with over 30 tracks has revolutionized country music streaming, contributing significantly to the genre’s growth.
  • Wallen’s recent collaboration with Post Malone on “I Had Some Help,” which quickly hit number one on iTunes, further demonstrates his star power and hints at potential genre-bending directions for his new album.
  • With high expectations from his producer and fans, Wallen is poised to deliver another stellar album, further solidifying his place in the country music scene.
  • With all eyes on his next release, Morgan Wallen is set to deliver another stellar album, solidifying his place in the country music scene. Stay tuned for more updates as Wallen continues to tease his next big project, proving that whenever there’s new music from this country star, it’s a cause for celebration.

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