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Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour (Harvesting Fun)

Luke Bryan is getting pumped about his Farm Tour 2024! Fans of country music will not intend to skip this exceptional event.

Luke’s Farm Tour is all about taking the celebration outdoors with powerful performances on real farms.

His most popular songs as well as some brand-new ones will be played with his signature casual appeal.

And you can feel good about attending a party because of his commitment to supporting our local farmers and raising money for organizations and scholarships!

Farm Tour Dates and Location

On September 20, in Chesapeake, VA, the trip begins at the treasured local icon, Heritage Park.

After that, on September 26 Luke and his companions will leave for Shelbyville, Kentucky, for a concert at the charming Mulberry Orchard. A night of country music and fellowship is ideal on this family-run farm.

At Millersport, Ohio, on September 27, the trip visits the Miller Family Farm, a fourth-generation family-owned farm that has been in existence since 1912.

An amazing evening of music and delight takes place against the distinctive setting of this ancient farm.

At last, on September 28, the trip concludes at the Cunningham Family Farm in Smithton, Pennsylvania.

This stunning rural setting is sure to offer everyone in the audience a personal and unforgettable experience.

Supporting Acts of Farm Tour

The amazing supporting acts on Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024 each offer their special passion and skill to the stage.

Conner Smith

Conner Smith is the first up, a growing talent in the country music scene famous for his accessible songs and stunning vocals.

Conner is a name to enjoy, and his opening set will certainly get the party going. His first single “Learn From It” is making ripples on country radio.

Tucker Wetmore

Tucker Wetmore is next, a small-town American singer-songwriter who is currently gaining recognition for his sincere, friendly manner.

Fans of all ages will find resonance in Tucker’s music, which draws inspiration from contemporary rock and vintage country.

He is an excellent fit for this year’s Farm Tour and his lively concerts are not to be neglected.

Peach Pickers

Three gifted composers and musicians make up the Peach Pickers, a country music supergroup comprised of Rodney Clawson.

With so many achievements under their names, including Luke Bryan’s own “I Don’t Want This Night to End

Here you can listen to the Luke Bryan and Peach Pickers’ “I Don’t Want This Night to EndSong.

They’ll add a wealth of knowledge and energy to the stage that will have the audience singing together.

They are a unique encouraging group on this year’s tour because of their fusion of pop, rock, and country elements.

DJ Rock

Not to forget, DJ Rock will be blasting tunes and maintaining a high energy level all evening long.

He’s an ideal candidate for this year’s Farm Tour roster with his energetic songs and popular playlists.

DJ Rock is a guarantee to keep the party moving between sets or to fire up the audience.

What to Expect from Farm Tour

A wonderful time combining wonderful music, rural beauty, and solidarity with others is Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024.

What should you expect from your attendance at this unique occasion is as follows:

Luke Bryan and his corresponding artists will deliver an amazing show! With elements of pop, rock, and country, the music will have you hopping in the rows and chanting along.

Luke’s best hits, loved by fans, and perhaps even a few brand-new songs will be played at his passionate show.

Since the Farm Tour is kept on real farms, it provides a unique, familiar, and rustic environment.

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan.

Around you will be lush grasslands, gentle hills, and the friendliness of the small town.

A complete celebration, the Farm Tour is more than just an execution! You will experience a selection of dining and beverage selections, including native dishes and traditional festival foods.

You will have hands-on activities, touring the farm, and enjoying the bright environment.

The Farm Tour offers something for everyone, regardless of your interests like country music, meals, or just a good night out.

You will be boosting regional farmers and rural communities by going to the Farm Tour.

A part of the revenues will support organizations and scholarships, therefore improving the conditions of everyone there and beyond.

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Ticket Details

Fans can select the opportunity that most fits them from a variety of ticket choices.

General Admission tickets give members entry to the festival fields and the music, food, and beverage offerings.

VIP tickets give early entrance, private viewing locations, and a personalized wrap for a more upscale experience.

Parties of ten or more can also purchase group tickets, which have been discounted to $60 per person.

Tickets range in price:

  • General Admission tickets cost $65,
  • VIP tickets cost $150
  • Group tickets cost $60 for each person.

On the day of the concert, tickets may be acquired at the farm gate or online via the official website.

Importantly, tickets will be collected at the farm gate on the day of the concert; they will not be emailed.

It is advised for fans to pick up their tickets with their confirmation message and ID.

It is advised for fans to make plans in advance and buy their tickets early as they are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Farm Tour as a Philanthropic Effort

Beyond simply a concert series, Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024 is an effort to aid the upcoming generation of agricultural leaders while contributing back to the farming community.

Luke Bryan has significantly enhanced the conditions of farmers, students, and families all around the nation with his fundraising efforts.

83 college scholarships have been offered to kids from farming families by the Farm Tour throughout its founding.

With this program, young people who are interested in agriculture and want to improve their surroundings will receive support for their schooling and development.

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024 gives youngsters the means to adhere to their desires and grow into the future leaders of farming.

Additionally supporting Feeding America, Luke Bryan, and Bayer have come together for the “Here’s to the Farmer” campaign.

The campaign emphasizes the critical contribution made by American farmers to ensuring the supply of basic meals to people both domestically and internationally.

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024 addresses hunger and advances healthy agricultural methods by partnering with Feeding America.

This collaboration emphasizes the significance of agriculture in our daily lives and the significance of helping farmers who put forth endless effort to feed our communities.

Luke Bryan has also worked with Fendt to make limited-edition snacks, the sales of which will go to the FFA (Future Farmers of America).

A $75,000 investment from this collaboration will assist the FFA with young people’s leadership development and agricultural education.

The FFA is an essential organization that gives young people the chance to grow their knowledge and abilities in farming, and Luke Bryan’s sponsorship makes sure that this program succeeds going forward.

Through the combination of music, community, and charity, Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024 improves the lives of families, farmers, and students throughout the nation.

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan.

Luke Bryan has proven his devotion to giving back and serving the agricultural sector with the scholarship program, “Here’s to the Farmer” initiative, and Fendt partnership.

Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024 highlights the value of farming in our everyday lives, encourages the next generation of agricultural leaders, and advances environmentally friendly methods.


  1. Ultimately, Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2024 is a singular and important event that blends charity, connection, and music.
  2. Through his collaborations and shows, Luke Bryan is improving the conditions of families, students, and farmers all around the nation.
  3. Encouraging farmers and the upcoming generation of farmer management, the Farm Tour is addressing hunger and advancing environmentally friendly agricultural practices.
  4. Get your tickets now to join the celebration and don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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