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Jelly Roll’s Backstage Essentials and Rituals

Jelly Roll’s 2024 is on fire! The sensational “Halfway to Hell” and “Son of a Sinner” singer, is riding high on a wave of success, captivating audiences worldwide.

As his popularity surges, the demands of constant touring have necessitated some unique backstage requirements to keep him in top form.

He’s not just hitting the road with his biggest headlining tour yet, the Beautifully Broken Tour, but also headlining the island festival Bash on the Bay.

But what keeps this southern spitter at the top of his game? Let’s peek behind the curtain and explore the backstage essentials and rituals that fuel Jelly Roll’s fire.

Backstage Must-Haves

In a recent interview with Taste of Country, Jelly Roll shared various insights, including the essential items he requires backstage during his concerts.

Fresh Socks and Fancy Waters

When it comes to backstage essentials, Jelly Roll starts with the basics—new socks.

“Always new socks, the big deal in my life,” he shared, highlighting how this simple comfort plays a crucial role in his pre-show routine.

But it’s not just about fresh footwear; hydration is key, and Jelly Roll’s choice of water has taken a luxurious turn. “My wife has turned me on to rich people water,” he confessed, referring to the high-end glass-bottled waters he now prefers.

“I feel so guilty drinking it and I don’t know if it’s different or not, but everybody says it is, and I’m a believer now.”

Jelly Roll shared.

A Portable Oasis: Sauna and Cold Plunge

Beyond the basics, Jelly Roll’s most extravagant backstage demand is his personal sauna and cold plunge setup.

“I’m taking a sauna and cold-plunge on tour,”

He revealed.

This portable relaxation station, though small, is indispensable for the artist. “It’s like a small, two-seater. It’s really small but it’s something I’m just too anchored into that not to take it.”

Jelly Roll at CMA Awards
Jelly Roll at CMA Awards

Keeping it Modest

The conversation took a humorous turn when the question of sauna attire came up.

Does Jelly Roll go full-naked in his touring sauna?

His response was both amusing and practical.

“No, goodness gracious, we’re not just free-balling in the sauna. I sit with other people,” he explained, laughing. “No, Evan, it’s glass, what do you think it is? What are you trying to get me to catch a case? Who is this guy? Jesus Christ, bring Evan Paul back.”

Jelly Roll’s backstage routine underscores the importance of comfort and relaxation amidst the rigors of touring.

His attention to personal comfort with fresh socks, high-end water, and a portable sauna and cold plunge highlights how he balances the demands of fame with self-care.

As he continues to captivate fans worldwide, these backstage rituals ensure he’s always ready to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Tour Essentials with Jelly Roll | CMT

Pre-Show Rituals

Jelly Roll’s pre-show rituals are just as important as his physical comforts

Speaking to US Weekly, the country star shared how he prepares mentally and emotionally before taking the stage.

“We listen to music, hang out before the show the night before taking the stage,”

He said.

This communal time helps set a positive tone for the performance.

A key part of his pre-show ritual is gathering in a circle with his band and crew to say a prayer and build energy.

“We gather before we take the stage in a circle with the band and the entire team and say a prayer and get hyped to go out there and perform,”

He explained.

This moment of unity and shared purpose helps everyone feel connected and ready.

No pre-show ritual would be complete without a personal touch, and for Jelly Roll, that’s a kiss from his wife, Bunnie XO, whom he married in 2016. “And a kiss from the wife,” he added with a smile.

Bunny XO always got jelly rolls back during big events:

This small but meaningful gesture is a source of comfort and inspiration.

Here is a data table summarizing Jelly Roll’s essential backstage items and rituals:

Comfort ItemsFresh SocksAlways new socks, crucial for comfort and pre-show routine.
Luxury WaterHigh-end glass-bottled waters preferred for hydration.
Relaxation ToolsPortable Sauna and Cold PlungePersonal sauna and cold plunge setup for relaxation and recovery.
Pre-Show RitualsMusic ListeningHanging out and listening to music before the show to set a positive tone.
Prayer CircleGathering with band and crew to say a prayer and build energy.
Kiss from WifeA kiss from his wife, Bunnie XO, for comfort and inspiration before performing.
Health PracticesMindfulness and BreathingTaking a moment to focus and breathe before the show to stay centered.
Fan InteractionMemorable EncountersEngaging with fans, such as inviting a 70-year-old veteran backstage for a chat.
This table encapsulates the key backstage essentials and rituals that help Jelly Roll maintain his performance quality and connect with his audience.

Focus on Health and Memorable Fan Encounters

Recently, Jelly Roll has been placing more emphasis on his health, incorporating mindfulness into his routine.

“I’ve been focusing more on my health recently – so we’ve added time before to take a minute and a breath before the show too,” he noted. This practice helps him stay centered and perform at his best.

Beyond his backstage routines and rituals, Jelly Roll cherishes the connections he makes with his fans.

One of his favorite encounters happened in Las Vegas in 2023 with a 70-year-old veteran and his wife.

“Seeing that man and his wife enjoy the concert was one of the most surreal moments of tour – I was proud to have him as a fan,” he recalled.

Jelly Roll even invited the veteran backstage, where they talked for nearly an hour. “It really meant a lot to me,” he said, reflecting on the impact of that meeting.

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Upcoming Events

Jelly Roll’s backstage essentials and pre-show rituals highlight the balance he maintains between comfort, preparation, and connection.

Whether it’s fresh socks, luxury water, a portable sauna, or a heartfelt prayer circle, each element plays a crucial role in his performance routine.

As he continues to rise in fame, these practices ensure he remains grounded, healthy, and ready to deliver unforgettable shows to his millions of fans worldwide duing his next two big event,

Here’s a closer look at his two major upcoming events:

1. Beautifully Broken Tour:

  • Epic Tour Scale: This is Jelly Roll’s biggest headlining tour ever. Spanning nearly 40 cities across the United States, it promises to be a massive live music experience.
  • Extended Run: The tour kicks off in late August and runs for a solid two months, giving fans across the country ample opportunity to catch him live.
  • Legendary Venues: Get ready for iconic locations! The tour includes stops at legendary arenas like Madison Square Garden in New York and the Arena in Los Angeles. These venues are known for their incredible sound systems, massive stages, and electric atmospheres.
  • Finding the Show: Looking for dates and locations? Head over to Jelly Roll’s official website Jelly Roll for the complete tour schedule. You can also check out Songkick Songkick for a visual representation of the tour stops.

2. Bash on the Bay:

  • Island Festival Fun: Jelly Roll isn’t just headlining a concert, he’s headlining a whole festival! Mark your calendars for August 21st because Bash on the Bay is a two-day music event on Put-in-Bay Island in Ohio.
  • Festival Atmosphere: Expect a vibrant festival atmosphere with multiple stages, vendors selling food and drinks, and a chance to experience other artists besides Jelly Roll. It’s a great opportunity to soak up the summer vibes and discover new music.
  • Lineup Details: While the full lineup hasn’t been announced yet, we do know that Jelly Roll is the top billing. Keep an eye out for news and announcements on the Bash on the Bay website or social media pages to find out who else will be performing.

Both the Beautifully Broken Tour and Bash on the Bay offer exciting opportunities for Jelly Roll fans. Whether you’re looking for an intimate concert experience on a massive tour or a fun-filled island festival vibe, Jelly Roll has something for you in 2024.


  • In 2024, Jelly Roll is on fire! The sensational “Halfway to Hell” and “Son of a Sinner” singer is riding a wave of success, captivating audiences worldwide.
  • As his popularity surges, his unique backstage requirements are essential to keeping him at the top of his game.
  • His biggest headlining tour yet, the Beautifully Broken Tour, and his headlining act at the Bash on the Bay festival highlight his soaring career.
  • To maintain his energy and deliver unforgettable performances, Jelly Roll relies on a few backstage essentials: fresh socks, luxury water, and a portable sauna and cold plunge setup.
  • His pre-show rituals, including communal prayer and a kiss from his wife, Bunnie XO, provide emotional and mental preparation.
  • Jelly Roll’s commitment to health and memorable fan interactions further underscore his dedication to his craft and his audience.
  • As he gears up for the Beautifully Broken Tour and Bash on the Bay, these practices ensure he remains grounded, healthy, and ready to captivate fans with every performance.
  • Whether you’re catching him on tour or at the festival, Jelly Roll promises an unforgettable experience in 2024.

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