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Jason Aldean’s First Wife (Jessica Ussery Aldean)

Jessica Ussery Aldean has been Jason Aldean’s girlfriend since they were youngsters, particularly during the beginning of his country music career. Aldean wed Jessica in 2001, but their union could only endure for eleven years until Aldean filed for divorce, citing unresolved differences.

Jessica Ussery was Jason Aldean’s first spouse. They were best friends in high school and got married on August 4 of that year. Keeley and Kendyl, their two daughters, were born to them. However, there were many difficulties in their marriage, especially after Jason Aldean’s rising stardom in the country music world.

When Aldean was seen kissing another woman in 2012, there was a major uproar. Jason Aldean and Jessica Ussery made an effort to patch things up, but in the end, they divorced in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences.

Jason Aldean started seeing Brittany Kerr, the lady he was seen with in the scandal, after his divorce. They wed in 2015 and now have two kids together.

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean while playing guitar
Jason Aldean while playing guitar

In Macon, Georgia, on February 28, 1977, Jason Aldean was born as Jason Aldine Williams. When his parents divorced when he was three years old, he continued to live with his mother, Debbie, and spent the summers in Florida with his father, Barry.

At the age of 14, Aldean made his first public debut as a vocalist. He started developing his musical abilities at a young age. In addition, he played baseball at Windsor Academy, attracting the attention of college clubs.

Even so, he decided to study music after high school rather than take an athletic scholarship.

Aldean started obtaining performances at bars and other little-known places all around the Southeast with the help of his father, who served as his booking agent. When he signed with Warner-Chapell Publishing, he believed he had made it big.

That was why he moved to Nashville in 1998, but his career instead froze. Even a single album was not produced under a different deal with Capitol Records Nashville.

The Early Life of Jessica Aldean

American citizen Jessica Ussery, better known by her stage name Jessica Aldean, was born in Georgia on October 18, 1979. Jessica attended Windsor Academy in Macon and worked as a waitress at the Buckboard Café.

Before marrying Jason, she had a job at a bank. She married Jason Aldean in 2001 and divorced him in 2013. She is the mother of two daughters, Keeley and Kendyl. She enjoys fashion, fitness, and spending time with her daughters.

She was married to country music sensation Jason Aldean. An internationally renowned country music phenomenon, Jessica Aldean, has won over millions of followers.

Jessica Aldean has made a huge impact on the music industry with her captivating storytelling, several chart-topping singles, and extended career.

Career and Professional Life

Jessica Aldean’s single source of fame is her marriage to the singer and musician from the country music. Therefore, there is little to no information available on her professional activity when it comes to a career. However, there are certain things that can be sufficient for her and eliminate the need for any more professional titles.

When she and Jason were first married, she served as Jason’s manager and handled all of the business matters. Jason once claimed in an interview that their relationship is organized such that Jessica takes care of whatever Jason does not like to do.

She handled all of the financial matters in Jason’s life and profession, serving as his accountant as well. She was Jason’s active manager and yet found time to engage in some charitable endeavors.

The proceeds from the sale of Jason’s performance tickets and merchandise also helped her raise nearly $500K in a previous fundraising event.

Additionally, she donated the money to the G. Komen Foundation. She has no other professional endeavors outside her role as Jason’s manager.

Focusing other issues
Focusing other issues
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Separation From her Husband

It was revealed that the pair were divorcing because they were “having problems.” Because Brittany Kerr, an American Idol candidate from Season 11 and a former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader, was seen with Jason Aldean seven months before, this is quite evident.

Jason Aldean and Jesica Aldean have been wed for five years at this time. We’re left to wonder what happened to Jessica Ussery as a result of this.

Mother of Two Children

Aldean and Jessica Ann Ussery have two kids together. Jessica wed the well-known country musician in 2001.

Aldean and his wife Jessica welcomed Keeley two years after getting married, becoming parents for the first child. Kendyl, their second child, was a gift they received in 2007.

Strong Bond with Jason Aldean Before Separation

The high school friends had a tight friendship before it became a source of contention. Nashville Music Scene quoted Aldean as saying, “We’re best friends,” in February 2011. “I’m not even sure if you can put words to it. Do you get what I mean when I say that without her, it simply doesn’t work?

Even Jason’s money and other business affairs were managed by Jessica. The country music performer said in an interview with The Boot in 2011, “She handles all the stuff I don’t want to handle.

I’m the one that wants to engage in conversation and performance for my followers. She makes the necessary business calls by picking up the phone. If I ask her, she’ll give me her opinion on music, but that’s about it. It works out pretty good.

After the divorce, Jason Aldean said in an interview that his wife Jessica will always be important to him because she is the mother of his children, and he knows that they will both always make their daughters their number one priority.

Jason Aldean Cheating Scandal

Seven months after his cheating scandal with Brittany Kerr, a former “American Idol” candidate and Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader, was made public, the couple decided to call it quits despite trying to save their failing marriage.

For the first time since Aldean was seen kissing former American Idol finalist Brittany Kerr at a Hollywood club in September, the country singer and his wife Jessica Ussery sat together for an interview. Both sources indicate that the couple has reconciled and moved on.

Pictures of the 35-year-old Aldean and the 24-year-old Kerr appeared online, prompting an urgent public apology from him. He said he “screwed up” and “acted inappropriately” because he had too much to drink that night.

On April 26, 2013, Jason—not Jessica—filed the official divorce papers. Sadly, after Jason Aldean acknowledged acting improperly with former American Idol finalist Brittany Kerr in September 2012, their marriage ran into difficulties and was unable to heal.

The award-winning country music performer filed for divorce on April 26, 2013, in Williamson County, Tennessee, alleging “irreconcilable differences” despite efforts to make their marriage work once again.

A love triangle
A love triangle

Second Marriage

Fortunately, Jessica was able to move on and find love again despite her previous marriage’s highly public breakup. On October 17, 2015, Jessica Ussery got married to Jake Marlin in Florida.

Marlin is a father of two and an electric lineman. Jessica too has a very private life and has avoided the spotlight. As Jessica Ussery creates a new life with Jake Marlin.

Jessica got married to Jake Marlin after her divorce
Jessica got married to Jake Marlin after her divorce

Promoting Women in Entertainment

Jessica Aldean has fought for improved representation and equitable opportunity for women in front of and behind the camera as an advocate of gender equality in Hollywood. She has been passionate about shattering gender norms and supporting women in significant and complex roles, promoting inclusiveness and diversity in the film business.

Let’s have a quick look at Jessica’s bio.

NameJessica Ussery Aldean
Date of BirthOctober 18, 1979
Place of BirthGeorgia
First HusbandJason Aldean
Daughters1: Keeley Williams 
2: Kendyl Williams
Second HusbandJake Marlin
WorkHas been secretary to Jason Aladean
Official Appearance She has been part of two of Jason Aldean’s song videos: “Laughed Until We Cried” in 2007 and “Wide Open” in 2009.
A short review of her life
Let’s watch this video about Jason Aldean’s first wife.


  • Jessica Ussery Aldean has been Jason Aldean’s girlfriend since they were youngsters, particularly during the beginning of his country music career.
  • Aldean wed Jessica in 2001, but their union could only endure for eleven years until Aldean filed for divorce, citing unresolved differences.
  • Jessica had a strong relationship with Jason Aldean, and she helped him in his career until they got divorced.
  • Jessica has two baby girls from her first marriage with Jason, and now she is the wife of Jake Marlin.

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