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Jana Kramer’s Spouse (Revealed)

The audience has seen several aspects of the talented actress and country music performer Jana Kramer’s life. Her dating life and marriage have gained a special interest from the public.

Jana Kramer is opening up more about the problems in her marriage to former football player and ex-husband Mike Caussin. 

 Let’s explore Jana Kramer’s luck in her love life and relationships, how she overcame obstacles with her partner, and her current status.

Early Life

On December 2, 1983, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, the United States, to parents Martin and Nora Kramer, Jana Kramer was born. She focused on acting at the beginning of her entertainment career before switching to a career in country music.

Initial Work Life

After graduating from Rochester Adams High School, Kramer went on to work in the entertainment sector. Her first major role was that of Alex Dupre on the TV show “One Tree Hill,” which she starred in from 2009 until 2012.

When Kramer was a young child, she listened to Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, and June Carter in her grandmother’s kitchen and fell in love with country music.

Jana Kramer not only pursued an acting career but also a career in country music. Her debut album of the same name was released in 2012 and featured the popular song “Why Ya Wanna.” As her career took off, she put out more albums. There are many of her songs shared in this article.

Jana Kramer Music

Jana Kramer at a music shoot. (Image credit: kramergirl/instagram)
Jana Kramer at a music shoot. (Image credit: kramergirl/instagram)

Jana Kramer is well-known for her work as a country music singer in addition to her acting career. Among her well-known tunes are:

“Why Ya Wanna”Jana Kramer (album)
“I Got the Boy”Thirty One
“Whiskey”Thirty One
“Circles”Thirty One
“Said No One Ever”Thirty One
“Dammit”Thirty One
“Dance in the Rain”Thirty One
“Love”Thirty One
“I Hope It Rains”Jana Kramer (album)
“Good Enough”Thirty One
Hit songs by Jana Kramer.
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Dating Experiences

  • Chris Evans: In an episode of her podcast “Whine Down” from November 2022, Kramer said she went on a couple of dates with the Marvel actor. But their brief affair came to an end when Jana remembered an awkward toilet episode.
  • Brantley Gilbert: Kramer’s subsequent public relationship was with the fellow musician. In January 2013, after dating for six months, the couple became engaged. That August, they cancelled their plans to get married.
  • Scott Eastwood: According to a 2013 Us article, Kramer was seeing Clint Eastwood’s son. Despite reports that they were introduced by common friends, their romance ended.
  • Gleb Savchenko: The country singer dated her DWTS partner Savchenko in May 2022 while they were filming season 23 in 2016. Schinelli added that she had an affair with Gleb. The dancer was married to Elena Samodanova, even though Kramer was not with her husband at the time.
  • Jay Cutler: Following reports of them hanging around in September 2021, Kramer and Cutler were briefly connected. Their brief affair came to an end a month later, and they were never exclusive, according to an exclusive source.

First Marriage

Following her 2004 marriage to Michael Gambino in Las Vegas, Kramer went into depth about the alleged abuse she had suffered during her first marriage.

When he was drunk, Gambino attacked her and attempted to kill her; Kramer remembered hiding in the brushes at that time.

 The same year they separated, 2005, he was found guilty of premeditated attempted murder. Gambino committed suicide while on parole following a five-year prison sentence.

Marriage To Jonathan Schaech

In 2008, Kramer began dating Jonathan Schaech, her costar from Prom Night, and the two were engaged in 2009. Even though Kramer and Schaech exchanged vows in July 2010, they called it quits just 12 days after the ceremony in August of the same year. In June 2011, their divorce was finalised.

Marriage To Mike Caussin

The summer of 2014 marked the start of Jana and Mike’s brief romance. Mike proposed to Jana on her 31st birthday in December, just four months into their relationship.

On May 22, 2015, the pair got married in Charlottesville, Virginia, during an outdoor ceremony. After the wedding, Mike posted a tweet on how happy he was to be marrying his closest friend. Their daughter Jolie Rae was welcomed as their first child in 2016 January.

Mike revealed that he had checked himself into a rehabilitation centre for unknown reasons. Subsequently, it was disclosed that Mike was undergoing treatment for a sexual addiction, having cheated on his spouse seven months following the birth of their daughter.

Jana And Mike’s Vow Renewal

After resolving their differences, Jana and Mike renewed their vows in Hawaii in December 2017.

Another happy development in Jana and Mike’s marriage occurred in November 2018 with the birth of their second child, a son called Jace.

Jana And Mike’s Divorce

On their podcast, Jana and Mike disclosed in October 2019 that Jana had just come across a nude picture of a lady on her husband’s phone. 

The former NFL player insisted he was not familiar with the woman and that he erased the text right away out of fear. The picture was later discovered by Jana on his Apple Watch.

The country music diva revealed that she eventually came to the conclusion that the image had been delivered by a bot after conducting some research. 

However, Jana stated that she still felt deceived by her husband’s choice to keep the text a secret from her. Together, the pair made the decision to attend counselling. 

In 2021, Jana Kramer filed for divorce from former NFL player Mike Caussin, accusing him of adultery. During their nearly 6-year marriage, the actress, country singer, and multi-media personality asserts in a surprising new interview that Caussin cheated on her with over 13 other women.

Jana Kramer’s interview post divorce.

The Artist’s Current Status

The history of Jana Kramer‘s relationships would make a fantastic country song.

The singer of “I’ve Done Love” has been open and honest with her fans about her romantic relationships, both past and current. 

In January 2023, Kramer disclosed that she was seeing someone in England. She gave clues that her ‘Whine Down’ podcast listeners used to figure out he’s a football player, even though she didn’t mention names at the time.

At first, their relationship was long distance. She was determined to create happiness and trust. After six months of dating, Kramer got engaged to Allan Russell in May 2023.

How Allan Russel Proposed Jana

Jana Kramer with her current husband Allan Russel. (Image credit: kramergirl/instagram)

Recently, Jana Kramer revealed on her podcast how Allan Russell, her current fiancé, proposed to her. When they were sitting on the front porch steps together, taking in the scenery on a lovely night, Russell went down on his knees.

 Jana Kramers’ daughter Jolie—whom she shares with her ex-husband Mike Caussin—began to bounce with joy. Jolie was thrilled for her mother’s upcoming marriage.

Kramer went on to say that the site of the proposal—the couple’s future house—made the event even more memorable.

Kramer announced on her podcast a month later that she and Russell were expecting their first child together. With a picture of herself and Russell holding a positive pregnancy test, Kramer posted on Instagram. Expressing the couple’s gratitude and sense of blessing for this new chapter in their lives.

About Allan and Jana’s Love Life

Allan Russell joined the England staff in March 2017 as a striker coach, he transitioned from being a player to a coach.

Allan and Jana met through a dating app although Kramer didn’t think these applications were made for her. Nonetheless the singer’s usage of the internet matchmaker appeared to be successful. 

While Kramer announced her relationship to the world in January 2023, the football player made his love with the singer official on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, a month later.

On November 13, 2023, Russell and Kramer welcomed Roman James into the world. They plan on getting married in the coming months.

A picture of the couple when they were expecting  their son Roman. (Image credit: kramergirl/instagram)
A picture of the couple when they were expecting their son Roman. (Image credit: kramergirl/instagram)


  • The highs and lows of Jana Kramer’s life are woven together like the lyrics of a moving country ballad. 
  • Her dating history, which includes partnerships with Gleb Savchenko, Jay Cutler, Scott Eastwood, Chris Evans, and Brantley Gilbert, sheds insight on the difficulties of finding love in the spotlight.
  • Jana boldly shares the turbulent time during her first marriage to Michael Gambino, which was characterised by allegations of violence. Relationships after that, particularly those with Jonathan Schaech and Mike Caussin, were filled with happiness and difficulties.
  • With the advent of their son Jace and a vow renewal in Hawaii, Jana and Mike experienced rejuvenation amidst the storms. But the difficulties continued, and in 2021 they got divorced.
  • Jana’s openness about the challenges of marriage and her fortitude in sharing her experience on their podcast demonstrates her dedication to openness and development.
  • The artist’s strong character is reinforced by her revelation of a new relationship in England, Allan Russell’s moving proposal on the steps of their future house, and their joyful expectation of their kid, Roman James.
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