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Influence of Family and Wife Morgane Stapleton on Chris Stapleton’s Music

Chris Stapleton’s music resonates with a depth and authenticity that’s undeniable. But what drives the poignant lyrics and soulful delivery?

Look no further than the steady hand of home and family. Throughout his career, Stapleton’s music has been interwoven with themes of love, loss, resilience, and the unwavering support found within the familial unit.

From his early days as a struggling songwriter to his current reign as a multi-award-winning artist, family has been a constant source of strength and inspiration in Stapleton’s remarkable journey.

From the tender ballads dedicated to his wife to the anthems celebrating the complexities of growing up in a Southern household, family serves as a constant source of inspiration, shaping the emotional core of Chris Stapleton’s sound.

Early Influences: Roots Planted in Kentucky Soil

Born and raised in Kentucky, Stapleton’s musical inclinations were nurtured within the close-knit confines of his family.

His father, Herbert Joseph Stapleton Jr., was a coal miner, and his mother, Carol J. Mace Stapleton, instilled a love for gospel music.

These seemingly disparate influences would later meld into Stapleton’s signature sound, a soulful blend of country twang and raw bluesy grit.

From Songwriter to SteelDriver: Building a Foundation

In 2001, Stapleton arrived in Nashville, a young man with a dream and a suitcase full of songs. He quickly signed a publishing deal with Sea Gayle Music, but the road to recognition was long and arduous.

During this period, Stapleton honed his songwriting craft, penning hits for country giants like George Strait, Luke Bryan, and Kenny Chesney. This success, however, was achieved largely behind the scenes.

In 2008, Stapleton joined the progressive bluegrass group, the SteelDrivers. The band achieved critical acclaim, garnering three Grammy nominations. While not necessarily a solo spotlight, this experience allowed Stapleton to further develop his stage presence and refine his vocal delivery – skills that would prove invaluable in the years to come.

Enter Morgane: A Partner in Life and Music

A pivotal moment in Stapleton’s life came in 2007 when he met his future wife, Morgane.

A talented singer-songwriter in her own right, Morgane became not only Stapleton’s life partner but also a vital creative force. They began performing together, and Morgane’s soulful vocals became a beautiful counterpoint to Stapleton’s gruff baritone.

Article about Chris Stapleton and his Wife
Soure: Pure WOW

“I was friends with his song plugger and I would go hang out in her office like every day until he would open the back door, and we knew it was him coming down the hall by the way his footsteps were…he used to wear keys on his belt, so he would jingle. That’s how we hung out for a long time, and then he asked me if I wanted to write a song with him at six o’clock on Friday night, and we tried to write a song and I think we just ended up making out like most of the night…and here we are.”

Couple revealed in an interview with Paste magazine

For her collaboration with Chris on a cover of “You Are My Sunshine,” Morgane received a Country Music Award nomination in 2016 for Musical Event of the Year.

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Traveler: A Family Affair Takes Center Stage

The year 2015 marked a turning point in Stapleton’s career. His debut solo album, “Traveller,” became an instant sensation, topping the Billboard 200 chart and earning him critical acclaim. Notably, “Traveller” was a deeply personal project, with several songs co-written by Morgane.

The album’s lead single, “Tennessee Whiskey,” a hauntingly beautiful ballad about longing and regret, became Stapleton’s signature song, showcasing the raw emotional honesty that resonated with audiences.

Despite their newfound success, Stapleton and Morgane have made a conscious effort to maintain a sense of normalcy for their family.

They tour together, with their children often joining them on the road. This commitment to family is evident in Stapleton’s lyrics, which frequently explore themes of love, loss, and the enduring strength of familial bonds.

They also openly share their sweet moments on their social media:

Morgane Stapleton
Morgane Stapleton Instagram

Awards and Accolades

Stapleton’s dedication to his craft and the unwavering support of his family have resulted in a stellar career filled with accolades. Here’s a glimpse into his impressive collection of awards:

Grammy Awards8
Academy of Country Music Awards11
Country Music Association Awards15
Awards and Accolades

From a Room to Higher Ground

Stapleton’s musical journey continued with critically acclaimed albums like “From A Room: Volume 1 & 2” and “Starting Over,” further solidifying his position as one of country music’s most respected artists.

His latest album, “Higher” (2023), showcases his continued growth and experimentation, all while retaining the core values that define his music – authenticity, vulnerability, and a deep connection to his family.

Morgane Stapleton: More Than Just a Muse

Morgane Stapleton is far more than just a beautiful voice standing beside her husband on stage. She’s a talented singer-songwriter in her own right, and her influence on Chris Stapleton’s career runs deep.

Their songwriting partnership is a true collaboration. Songs like “Follow Your Arrow,” a powerful anthem for individuality co-written by the couple, showcase their ability to seamlessly blend their voices and styles.

Morgane’s soulful vocals add a touch of sweetness that perfectly complements Chris’s gruff delivery. Other notable co-writes include “Love Like Crazy” and “A Simple Song,” both exemplifying the couple’s knack for crafting relatable stories set against a backdrop of country twang.

Chris Stapleton and Morgane Stapleton interview

Morgane’s influence extends beyond the songwriting credits. She’s a trusted confidante and sounding board for Chris, offering valuable feedback on his work.

There have been reports of her pushing Chris to embrace a more vulnerable and personal approach to his songwriting, a quality that has undoubtedly contributed to the emotional depth of his music.

 “She’s my Jiminy Cricket in a lot of ways. She’s the voice of reason, because I’m not always reasonable.” Chris shed light on their dynamic in the studio, teasing: “She’s been known to make me change keys on something. She’ll be like, ‘Sing higher.’ I’m like, ‘Alright.’ I get lazy on keys sometimes. I’ll key it lower, that way I can sing it lower live. She won’t let me get lazy on stuff like that. She knows when I’m doing it, and nobody else does.” 

Chris told Rare Country in 2017

Finally, Morgane’s own musical career adds another dimension to their artistic partnership. They frequently perform together, both on their own tours and as part of Chris’s band.

Morgane’s on-stage presence is captivating, and their vocal harmonies are a highlight of any live performance. This shared passion for music creates a powerful synergy between them, a sense of mutual respect and support that undeniably enriches Chris’s artistic journey.

Chris Stapleton with wife and children at ACM Awards
Chris Stapleton with wife and children at ACM Awards


  • From the early days of chasing a dream in Nashville to the sold-out stadiums of today, Stapleton’s family has been a constant source of love, inspiration, and unwavering support.
  • His music, infused with themes of love, loss, and the enduring strength of familial bonds, resonates with audiences because it feels genuine.
  • It’s the music of a man who understands the importance of home, a place where dreams are nurtured and love provides the courage to take flight.
  • As Chris Stapleton continues to write his musical legacy, one thing is certain: family will remain the steady hand that guides him on his path.


1. Will Chris Stapleton ever release a full collaborative album with Morgane?

There hasn’t been any official announcement about a full-fledged Chris Stapleton and Morgane Stapleton collaborative album. However, considering their successful songwriting partnership and on-stage chemistry, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they ventured into a co-billed project in the future.

2. How do Chris Stapleton’s children inspire his music?

While Chris and Morgane have chosen to keep their children out of the spotlight, there’s no denying the influence of fatherhood on Chris’s songwriting. Themes of love, family, and cherishing precious moments are sprinkled throughout his music, suggesting a deep connection to his children.

Songs like “Sweeten the Deal” and “Fire Away” hint at the joys and challenges of parenthood, adding a layer of vulnerability that resonates with listeners.

3. Did Chris Stapleton’s family background influence his decision to stay true to his musical style?

It’s likely that Chris’s upbringing in Kentucky, surrounded by a working-class family and traditional country music, instilled in him a sense of authenticity. This could explain his resistance to conforming to mainstream trends and his focus on crafting music that feels genuine and rooted in his own experiences.

4. Has Chris Stapleton ever publicly acknowledged the role of his family in his success?

Chris Stapleton, known for his reserved personality, rarely gives elaborate interviews. However, he has expressed gratitude for his family’s support in subtle ways. In his acceptance speech for the 2018 CMA Album of the Year award (for “Traveller”), he simply said, “Thank you to my wife Morgane, who makes everything possible.” This brief yet heartfelt acknowledgment speaks volumes about the importance of family in his life.

5. Do Chris Stapleton’s siblings play any role in his music career?

There isn’t much public information available about Chris Stapleton’s relationship with his older brother, Herbert Joseph III, or his younger sister, Melanie Brooke. While they may not be directly involved in his music career, their support undoubtedly plays a part in his overall well-being and creative journey.

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