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High Water Festival 2023 (Revealed!)

Every year, the High Water Festival attracts music lovers from all over the world for a weekend of outstanding performances, a buzzing environment, and a strong sense of community.

This festival, which is held in a beautiful setting, features a superb lineup of musicians from many different genres.

In this article, we explore the High Water Festival’s high points, taking a closer look at its alluring environment, noteworthy performances, and the sense of community that makes it a really unique event.

What to knowBrief Information?
DatesApril 15-16, 2023
LocationRiverfront Park, North Charleston, South Carolina
HeadlinersBeck, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Wilco
Other performersBleachers, Father John Misty, Big Boi, Guster, Sierra Ferrell, Wilder Woods, S. G. Goodman, Madi Diaz, Tre Burt, Shovels & Rope, Orville Peck, Angel Olsen, Lucius, Bully, Ezra Furman, Black Opry Revue, Kyshona, and She Returns From War
Information About High Water Festival 2023

Beginning Of The High Water Festival

The festival was founded in 2017 by local musicians and music fans with the goal of bringing together a wide range of performers and encouraging a sense of community among them.

The festival increased the variety of its offerings by adding more stages, events, and immersive activities. The roster grew more interesting and diversified with each passing year, drawing a wider variety of music lovers.

People Enjoying At The High Water Festival (Image Credit: @highwaterfest)
People Enjoying At The High Water Festival (Image Credit: @highwaterfest)

Festival Dates For 2023

High Water, a multi-sensory festival in South Carolina, was held on April 15–16, 2023. Sierra Ferrell, Beck, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Wilco, and other musicians performed at the event.


The beautiful Riverfront of North Charleston hosts musicians from all around the world during the High Water Festival.

You can catch all your favorite artists and learn about new ones thanks to the two alternating stages! The festival was held in North Charleston, South Carolina, at the lovely Riverfront Park.

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Headliners For The Event

The 2023 lineup includes a diverse group of well-known performers from rock and country scenes as well as intriguing newcomers who are just starting to make waves in the business.

One such artist is Sierra Ferrell, who has been releasing a number of alternate takes of songs from her critically praised first album, Long Time Coming, throughout 2022. The chance to hear some of these songs live at High Water Festival 2023 definitely delighted the fans.

Beck, Wilco, and Ferrell all performed, while Rainbow Kitten Surprise offered their signature harmonies on the Riverfront Park stage.

Full Line Up Of High Water Festival 2023

Here are details of the artists who performed at the High Water Festival 2023, along with the dates:

April 15th

  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  • Bleachers
  • Father John Misty
  • Big Boi
  • Guster
  • Sierra Ferrell
  • Wilder Woods
  • S. G. Goodman
  • Madi Diaz
  • Tre Burt

April 16th

  • Beck
  • Wilco
  • Shovels & Rope
  • Orville Peck
  • Angel Olsen
  • Lucius
  • Bully
  • Ezra Furman
  • Black Opry Revue
  • Kyshona
  • She Returns From War
High Water Festival 2023 (Image Credit: @highwaterfest)
High Water Festival 2023 (Image Credit: @highwaterfest)

Various Activities At The Festival

The High Water Festival offers a variety of activities in addition to music, giving visitors a rich and varied experience. You might participate in the following events at the festival:

Art Pieces

Exciting artworks are constantly on display on the High Water Festival grounds. The participatory, thought-provoking, or aesthetically pleasing character of these artworks can add a new dimension to the whole event.

Workshops and Demonstrations

The festival may provide workshops and demonstrations that provide visitors the chance to get involved in different kinds of artistic endeavors, handicrafts, or creative procedures.

These courses could offer possibilities for hands-on creativity through painting, pottery, screen printing, or even instrument-making activities.

Activities for Wellness

High Water Festival emphasizes the value of wellness and self-care. Therefore, the festival provides wellness activities like yoga lessons, meditation sessions, or workshops on mindfulness.

These events provide visitors a chance to unwind, refresh, and find balance amidst the festival’s excitement.

Culinary Delights

Food is an essential part of every festival experience, and High Water Festival frequently features a wide selection of delectable dishes.

A variety of delectable options, from classic favorites to fine dining, are offered by neighborhood food vendors, food trucks, and craftsmen. Visitors can sample exotic flavors and take in the lively food scene.

Artisan Market

High Water Festival holds a local artists’, craftspeople’s, and creators’ market. This market provides a venue for supporting regional artists and bringing home one-of-a-kind souvenirs while providing an opportunity to browse and buy handcrafted crafts, jewelry, apparel, and artwork.

Find local craft sellers selling everything from eco-friendly t-shirts to handcrafted jewelry and leather goods.

Outdoor Activities

These might be offered, depending on where the festival is held. These could consist of led treks, nature walks, or outdoor sports that let visitors engage with the surrounding natural splendor and take full advantage of the festival grounds.

Community Involvement

The High Water Festival frequently promotes cooperation and community involvement. Participants have the chance to get involved in community projects, volunteer programs, or engaging activities that promote camaraderie and a sense of purpose.

Some Highlights Of The Event

Now let’s talk about the highlights of the festival. When Sierra was performing, during a stretch of slower songs, there was a high point.

As part of a celebration for Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday, Sierra informed the audience that a number of musicians had gathered together to perform a few of his songs.

Drone Shot Of High Water Festival 2023 (Image Credit: @highwaterfest)
Drone Shot Of High Water Festival 2023 (Image Credit: @highwaterfest)

The melancholy duet “Seven Spanish Angels,” recorded by Willie and Ray Charles in 1984, was the next song she sang. It was a superb cover.

Adding on, Big Boi, the co-founder of Outkast, was not only the sole hip-hop act performing at High Water Festival in 2023, but he was also the first hip-hop performer ever to be scheduled at the festival.

Lana Del Ray unexpectedly joined the Bleachers onstage. A fantastic performance by Rainbow Kitten Surprise ended the first night of the festival.

While on Sunday afternoon, pop artist Lucius duet dominated the Stono stage while singer-songwriter Angel Olsen enlivened the Edisto stage with her ethereal voice. Both acts performed while leaping from keys and drums clothed as disco balls.

Exciting Closing Performance

The ever-present Beck, the king of festival sets, wrapped out the festival. Beck emerged on stage with the lights out and an acoustic guitar in hand.

After the first five songs, which included a cover of Neil Young’s “Old Man,” it was unclear whether Beck was delivering a whole solo set or not, but he was joined by his band for “Devil’s Haircut” and the next 32 songs, which included fan favorites like “Debra” and “Dreams.”

He appropriately covered Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End” to wrap out his performance. As the two-day festival came to a close, it was a satisfying reminder that High Water never fails to deliver.

Discovering New Talents

High Water Festival prioritizes up-and-coming musicians, providing a platform for discovery in addition to showcasing well-known performers.

Furthermore, these emerging artists have special slots and stages dedicated to them, giving them exposure and a chance to interact with a wide range of people.

High Water Festival inspires attendees to discover new musical vistas and venture outside of their comfort zones by assembling a diverse lineup.

This dedication to up-and-coming artists encourages close relationships between artists and fans and has given many musicians their start in the business.

Lana Del Ray’s Performance At The High Water Festival 2023.


  • Launched in 2017, the High Water Festival has developed into a distinctive occasion that unites music fans and strengthens a sense of neighborhood.
  • The festival, which featured a varied line-up of performers, including Sierra Ferrell, Beck, Wilco, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and more, was held on April 15–16, 2023, in North Charleston, South Carolina.
  • The festival offers a variety of activities in addition to excellent concerts, including art installations, workshops, wellness sessions, gastronomic delights, an artisan market, outdoor activities, and chances for community involvement.
  • The highlight of the event was Beck’s final performance, which featured a fan favorite as well as a cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You In The End.” Beck opened with an acoustic set and then continued with a full-band performance.
  • The festival also places a strong emphasis on spotting fresh talent and giving up-and-coming musicians a stage.

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