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Hello, I’m Dolly: Parton’s Bio-Musical Taking the Stage

Famous singer, songwriter, actor, and philanthropist Dolly Parton is excited to bring her fascinating life story to the Broadway stage in a fresh musical.

She asks audiences to go with her from her basic origins in the Smoky Mountains to her present place as a worldwide celebrity with her characteristic combination of comedy, heart, and hospitality.

Parton’s famous music, vibrant dance routines, and poignant storytelling are all part of this much-awaited celebration of her remarkable existence and legacy.

Dolly Parton’s Musical: “Hello, I’m Dolly”

The life story of Dolly Parton is being adapted into a bio-musical called “Hello, I’m Dolly,” which will premiere on Broadway in 2026.

Parton is going to write the musical, which will include both new songs developed especially for the production and her recognized classics.

Co-writing the screenplay will be Parton and Emmy winner Maria S. Schlatter, who earlier collaborated on the 2020 TV film “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square”.

Parton said she was thrilled to tell her own story on stage as she unveiled the musical during a performance at the CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hello, I’m Dolly” is the title of Parton’s 1967 first studio album.

Formerly working together on creating a new version of her “9 to 5” musical for London’s West End, Adam Speers of ATG Productions is collaborating with Parton to bring her remarkable life story to the stage.

With Parton’s distinctive combination of comedy, heart, and hospitality, the musical will trace her journey from modest origins to her ascent to fame in country music.

Over her multi-decade career, Parton has become a national treasure, having received 11 Grammy Awards and 52 nominations.

“Hello, I’m Dolly” will play among other recent Broadway bio-musicals showcasing the songs of Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Neil Diamond.

Dolly Parton announcing about her bio-musical.

The History of Dolly Parton’s Bio-musical

Rumors about a Dolly Parton musical have been swirling for over 15 years, making its history a lengthy and twisting one.

Though there have been other projects and partnerships, the next bio-musical, which is scheduled for August 2026, is the first musical on Parton’s life to come to pass.

But Parton has had other notable musical ventures, such as the Broadway version of her 1980 movie “9 to 5”.

The musical, for which Parton penned the words and music, debuted in Los Angeles in 2008 and on Broadway in 2009.

Strong critical praise led to 15 Drama Desk Awards and four Tony Award nominations. Parton was working on a musical about her life with producer Maria Schlatter before the COVID-19 epidemic.

The epidemic caused a delay in the data even though it showed potential. Parton plans to use theater and song to tell her tale despite the obstacles.

Subsequent efforts resulting from her drive and dedication include the Netflix anthology series “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings” and the TV film “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors”.

With the bio-musical scheduled for August 2026, Parton’s influence on country music and beyond will now continue to thrill and inspire audiences worldwide.

Storyline of “Hello, I’m Dolly”

A blend of new songs and some of Dolly Parton’s greatest classics, the bio-musical “Hello, I’m Dolly” claims to provide the inspirational tale of her life.

Two acts will consist of the musical; the first will center on Parton’s initial years spent in Sevier County, Tennessee, and her move to Nashville to continue her singing career.

Her ascent to prominence, her classic songs, and her life outside of Nashville—including her attempts into cinema and charity will all be explored in the second act.

Parton’s successes, such as “Jolene,” “9 to 5” and “Islands in the Stream,” will be contained in the musical along with brand-new songs composed especially for it.

Parton’s extraordinary life story will come to life on stage with a blend of debate, song, and dance.

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Casting of “Hello, I’m Dolly”

Although the bio-musical has not yet made any formal casting announcements, several women have been reported as possible leads.

In October 2023, Kerry Butler performed the part of Dolly Parton at an exclusive reading of a musical based on Parton’s life.

Butler was asked to the exclusive reading by Maria Schlatter, a friend and producer who worked with Parton on the musical.

Butler was first reluctant to accept the part because she thought she couldn’t portray the legendary country music singer.

Eventually, however, she took up the task and became fully engaged with Parton’s life and songs.

An important turning point in the creation of the musical, Dolly Parton attended and participated actively in the reading.

The musical is still in production, even if the reading was a smash; no new details or casting announcements have been released.

Kerry Butler’s highly appreciated portrayal of Dolly Parton displayed her range as an actor and singer.

Butler is an American actress and singer recognized for her theatrical performances in Xanadu, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls, and Hairspray.

She took part in the Dolly Parton musical reading shows her talent and versatility.

Another possible leading has also been pointed out as Kristin Chenoweth.

Parton has herself shown a desire for Carrie Underwood to play the part, pointing to her strong voice and comparable heritage.

Fans will have to watch and hear who will portray the legendary country musician since no legal casting selections have been made.

Creative Team of Dolly’s Bio-Musical

Led by the famous Dolly Parton, the creative team behind the bio-musical “Hello, I’m Dolly” has put together an amazing group of gifted people.

Apart from penning the show’s music, Parton and Maria S. Schlatter are co-writing the book.

Together before, this energetic pair worked on the critically acclaimed 2020 Netflix TV film “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square”.

The fact that Dolly Parton engaged in the method of creation guarantees that the musical honors her ideas and heritage.

Her unique viewpoint and skill at storytelling are brought to the play as the musician and co-book writer.

A pillar of Parton’s career, her duet with Kenny Rogers has become an essential element of American music history.

Joining Parton in writing the book for “Hello, I’m Dolly” is gifted writer and producer Maria S. Schlatter.

Parton believes Schlatter to be a great collaborator because of her experience in theater and television, and their prior work together on “Christmas on the Square” shows how well they get along.

Given Parton’s vision and Schlatter’s abilities, the book appears to be a moving and true account of Parton’s life.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

Parton and Schlatter have collaborated to guarantee that “Hello, I’m Dolly” will be a top-notch production that honors Parton’s creativity and energy.

By 2026, their combined skills are going to bring this thrilling bio-musical to life on Broadway.


  • Hello, I’m Dolly” the bio-musical, is meant to be the uplifting life story of Dolly Parton.
  • This project will trace Parton’s career from her early years to her elevation to fame using a mixture of new songs and classic oldies.
  • While Parton has been done by Kerry Butler in a private reading, no formal casting confirmations have been made.
  • Parton and Maria Schlatter began working on the musical around 15 years ago, before the outbreak.
  • Though the future of the program is unidentified Parton’s influence as a charitable and country music legend never goes out of style.
  • “Hello, I’m Dolly” has the makings of a big smash with its common concepts and well-loved melody by Parton.
  • Fans are waiting for news on the show’s progress and a chance to see Parton’s storytelling performed live.

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