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Guess which country star got caught by hotel staff with his gay lover

Bunch of question marks

No really, take a guess. This is a blind item from Crazy Days and Nights that’s quite possibly as fake as fake can be, but it’s still fun to speculate.

This A list country singer got more than he bargained for this week when the fire alarm went off in his hotel while he was in bed with his boyfriend. Because the closeted singer who has been in some high profile heterosexual relationships didn’t want anyone to see who he was with and the way they were dressed in bed, they decided to ignore it. Well, the management didn’t ignore it and used a key to come into his room and order the couple out. In their leather outfits. Our singer said the couple were going to a costume party. At 2am. With their singers hanging out if you know what I mean.

I’m shutting the comments down on this one because I don’t want a war on my hands. If you want to take a guess you can do so over on Crazy Days and Nights.

For those of you looking for the story about Steve Grand, the openly gay country singer, you can find that story here.

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