Need some Gab at your event? Then we’ve got you covered. While I live in Idaho, NashvilleGab has several writers in several different states including New York, Tennessee, Minnesota, Illinois, and, of course, Idaho. Many of us are also willing to travel for events, so if you’re curious about having one of us attend, just ask. You can email me directly at to find out about how to get us to your event in other states.

To find out what writer lives in what area, check out our list below.

Shannon (NashvilleGab owner): I live in Idaho about 45 miles from Boise. If you have an event anywhere in Idaho as well as Oregon or Washington, I’m your gal. To see if I’m available to cover your concert or other country music related event, just shoot me a line at

Jen: Jen covers most of our Nashville-area events. Got something you need covered in the heart of country music, she’s one of Gab’s go-to gals. You can reach her by emailing

Nicole: Nicole is the New York arm of Gab. Got an event around The Big Apple? She’s your gal. You can contact her directly at

Andy: Andy lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota, so if you have anything in that area, he’s your guy. You can contact Andy at

George: George Strohl is a photographer who covers the Central Illinois area. He isn’t a regular writer for NashvilleGab, but he often contributes concert reviews and photographs. Got a show in Illinois you’d like covered? Shoot George an email at (or visit his website) to see if he’s available.