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George Jones’ Wife (A Love Story for the Ages)

Behind every great man stands an equally remarkable woman, and in George Jones’ case, it was his beloved wife, Nancy Sepulvado. George Jones, the iconic country music legend, won the hearts of millions with his soulful voice and timeless classics.

Nancy Sepulvado was George Jones’ fourth and final wife. They were married for over three decades until George’s passing in 2013. Nancy was not only George’s wife but also his rock and a significant source of inspiration for his music.

In this article, we’ll delve into the life of George Jones’s wife who stood by her through thick and thin, sharing their love story and the impact Nancy had on the country music legend’s life. So, stay tuned!

Who Is George Jones?

American country music performer, singer, and songwriter George Glenn Jones was born on September 12, 1931. His talent and love for country music shaped a legendary career for him leaving an everlasting impression on the music industry.

Early Beginnings In Texas

George Glenn Jones, who was born on September 12 in Saratoga, Texas, developed a liking for country music from a young age.

He was already entranced by the soulful tunes at the age of seven, and by the time he was nine, he had gotten his first musical equipment, a guitar.

A Journey To Stardom

Leaving home at 16, Jones embarked on his musical journey, captivating audiences on the KTXJ and KRIC radio stations. His debut record, “No Money in This Deal,” marked the beginning of his fruitful collaboration with producer H.W. “Pappy” Daily.

The Rise To Fame

In 1959, Jones’ hit “White Lightnin‘” soared to the top of the Billboard Country chart, showcasing his unique blend of authentic rock and roll elements.

Despite the allure of mainstream popularity, Jones remained loyal to the country music genre.

Nancy Sepulvado and George Jones posing together
Nancy Sepulvado smiled brightly, reflecting the joy she brought into George’s life.
Image Credit: GeorgeJones/Facebook

A True Country Music Icon

Unlike some of his peers, George Jones stayed true to his country roots, avoiding crossover attempts to the Billboard Hot 100.

However, his unwavering commitment to traditional country arrangements earned him immense admiration across various genres.

Tributes And Praise

Jones received excellent accolades from his fellow musicians even though his music was rarely played on mainstream radio. He was reportedly praised by the late, great Frank Sinatra as “the second-best singer in America.”

Personal Life

George Jones’ upbringing in Colmesneil, Texas, alongside his five sisters and brother, was marked by the rich sounds of music. His father’s harmonica and guitar skills and his mother’s piano playing at the local church filled their home with melodies.

A fateful incident during his birth left Jones with a broken arm, but even that couldn’t dampen his love for music.

At seven, he discovered country music through a radio his parents bought, while tuning in to the Grand Ole Opry. Years later, fate brought him face-to-face with his idol, Hank Williams.

Sadly, after battling health issues, George Jones passed away at age 81 on April 26, 2013, in Nashville, Tennessee, leaving behind a timeless musical legacy.

George Jones’s Marriages And Struggle With Alcoholism

  • He married Dorothy Bonvillion in 1950 and divorced in 1951.
  • Wed Shirley Ann Corley in 1954; their marriage ended in divorce in 1968
  • Married fellow country music singer Tammy Wynette in 1969, struggled with alcoholism, and earned the nickname “No Show Jones”
  • After divorcing Wynette in 1975, married Nancy Sepulvado in 1983
  • Achieved sobriety after marrying Nancy in 1999
  • Passed away in 2013 at age 81 due to hypoxic respiratory failure
  • Marriage with Nancy lasted about 30 years
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Who Was George Jones’s Wife When He Died?

When George Jones passed away in 2013, his wife was Nancy Sepulvado. They were married in 1983 and remained together until George’s death.

Nancy Sepulvado was George Jones’ fourth and final wife, and she stood by him as a loving and supportive partner throughout their marriage.

Their love story continues to be a source of inspiration for many.
Image Credit: GeorgeJones/Facebook

What Is Nancy Sepulvado Known For?

Nancy Sepulvado, famously known as the wife of the legendary country music singer George Jones, crossed paths with him in 1981 while working as a nurse at a rehab center he was attending. Their connection blossomed instantaneously, leading to their marriage in 1983.

Despite having no previous ties to the music industry, Nancy quickly became a crucial part of George’s life and career, supporting him wholeheartedly in both personal and professional aspects.

Throughout their marriage, they faced challenges, including George’s infidelity and health struggles, but Nancy remained faithfully by his side until his passing in 2013, showcasing their enduring love and commitment.

Love Blossoms On Rocky Ground

George and Nancy’s relationship experienced many obstacles, both personally and professionally.

Their connection was tested by George’s struggle with alcoholism and the requirements of his demanding work. Nancy, however, remained faithful and determinedly stood by her husband despite everything.

The Journey Of Marriage

In 1983, George Jones and Nancy Sepulvado tied the knot, marking the beginning of their married life.

Their journey was filled with memorable moments, love, laughter, and overcoming obstacles. Nancy’s unconditional love became a guiding light for George.

Key Events In The Life Of George Jones And Nancy Sepulvado

1981Nancy and George met for the first time
1983George Jones married Nancy Sepulvado
1999George’s struggled with alcohol reached their peak
2013George Jones passed away
Nancy Sepulvado was a loving and devoted wife who stood by George Jones through thick and thin.

Nancy: George’s Pillar of Strength

As George battled his addiction, Nancy emerged as his pillar of strength. Her unwavering support and tough love played a crucial role in helping George conquer his demons and find sobriety. Their love story became an inspiring tale of redemption and hope.

Who Was The Love Of His Life?

Most people agree that Nancy Sepulvado, George Jones’ fourth and final wife, was the love of his life. Their love story was viewed as proof of their steadfast devotion. George’s relationship with Nancy had a significant impact on him both personally and professionally.

Nancy kept on with George’s legacy even after he passed away in 2013, earning the affection of many of his fans and admirers.

Nancy played a vital role in George Jones’ life and career, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of count

The Songs He Wrote For His Wife

Here’s a list of 6 songs that are closely associated with George Jones and his wife, Nancy Sepulvado:

  • “He Stopped Loving Her Today”
  • A Picture of Me (Without You)”
  • “The Grand Tour”
  • “These Days (I Barely Get By)”
  • “Golden Ring” (duet with Tammy Wynette)
  • “Loving You Could Never Be Better”

These songs reflect the deep emotions and experiences of George Jones, and many fans consider them to be significant in his relationship with Nancy.

You can watch and listen to George Jones’ song “He Stopped Loving Her Today”


  • Hailing from Saratoga, Texas, Jones’ love affair with country music began at the tender age of seven.
  • The enduring commitment and the ups and downs of his relationship with Nancy Sepulvado were reflected in emotional ballads like “The Grand Tour” and “These Days (I Barely Get By).”
  • Although “Golden Ring” was a duet with his second wife, Tammy Wynette, its themes of love and heartache likely mirrored George and Nancy’s own experiences.
  • Through his powerful performances, George Jones conveyed the depth of his love for Nancy and the impact she had on his life and music.
  • Their love story remains a cherished part of George Jones’ legacy, and his songs continue to touch the hearts of fans, reminding us of the lasting power of true love.

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