imageHey, I’m Shannon and I’m the founder and Queen Bee of this crazy place we call NashvilleGab. A few things about me – I’m pretty much a nerd, I’m obsessive about weird things, I suck at selfies, and I tend to make corny jokes that only truly awesome people will appreciate. A little known fact about me is that I once showed up in the background of a television news story carrying a basket of dirty laundry. Yep, true story.

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AshleyAshley: My passion for writing like I talk has become a staple and given me a nice following of like minded people so it’s never boring. It’s also given my stories attention from MTV, The Bobby Bones show, Huffington Post and countless other celebrities and radio stations. And you know what? That’s kinda cool. And very rewarding. So in a nutshell, I love country music, I love country music concerts, and if I am not doing something related to those things then I am most likely dancing my lil heart out to Taylor Swift.

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BroadwayBroadway: Two-time National On-Air Personality of the Year nominee, Academy of Country Music Awards & One-time National On-Air Personality of the Year nominee, Country Music Association
Broadway is the Host of The Electric Barnyard heard weekdays on WWYZ, KYWD, and WBCT. Also weekends on WBWL.

His charitable efforts include work with organizations that support abused and neglected children in West Michigan, the American Cancer Society, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In all, he has helped to raise over 1.5 million dollars.When he’s not on the radio, Broadway loves spending time with his wife and 2 boys, working out, running, watching baseball or football, horror flicks, listening to all kinds of music and eating his wife’s home-cooking (she’s a chef).

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jen-twitter-profileJen is a Florida-licensed attorney with dreams of never practicing law again. Originally attending law school with the hopes of working in the music industry, Jen found her niche after her degree was hung on the wall and she decided to pursue country music writing/journalism instead. Now living in Nashville, Jen spends her days as a social media strategist and her days/nights covering events, interviewing artists, and reviewing albums for Nashville Gab.

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