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Country Artists Who’ve Embraced the ‘Shoey’ Tradition

In the genre of country music, a “shoey” is someone who drinks beer out of their shoe!

Both performers and viewers are enjoying this typical and entertaining custom, which has taken the country music industry by surprise.

A depiction of the carefree attitude and fondness of a good time associated with country music is the story.

A common aspect of the country music experience, the story has been accepted by some of the biggest singers in the business, from Luke Combs to Lainey Wilson.

Fans appreciate and musicians treasure the story, whether it’s on stage, behind the scenes, or in a music video.

Allow me to introduce you to the crazy world of country music ‘shoey’.

Country Artists Who Have Done a Shoey

Luke Combs (2019)

Showcasing his playful side, Luke Combs has performed a shoe several times.

He first performed a shoey on Never Broke My Heart tour in 2019.

Combs applauded his audience for their enthusiasm as he toasted a sold-out performance.

He displayed his wild nature and welcomed Australian custom.

Luke Comb
Luke Comb

He chugged beer from a shoe and the audience went crazy.

Combs displayed his genuine country musician enjoyment of having a good time.

Morgan Wallen and Hardy (2022)

During Wallen’s The Dangerous Tour, these two had a shoey moment on stage. They honored their musical partnership and friendship.

Wallen and Hardy displayed their wild and bromance sides. The unexpected occasion was much enjoyed by all. That was evidence of their love to have fun.

The pair showed why they are two of the most intriguing acts in country music.

Luke Bryan (2021)

Luke Bryan took up a shoey dare from a fan on his Proud to Be Right Here tour.

Using the shoe of someone else, he flaunted his humorous side. Bryan showed himself to be an actual showman who enjoys himself.

He drank beer from a shoe and the audience went crazy. Fans would never soon forget that moment.

Bryan cemented his position as a great star of country music.

Kane Brown (2022)

Kane Brown performed a short performance on stage throughout his Blessed & Free tour.

Pouring some beer down his back, he went shirtless. Brown praised his loyal and energetic supporters. The unforeseen occasion was much enjoyed by all.

That was evidence of his love of good times. Brown secured his standing as a country music superstar.

Nate Smith (2022)

2022 saw Nate Smith gulp his beer after leading the audience in a brief sing-along. He engaged his audience and flaunted his humorous side.

Smith demonstrated he is a real showman who enjoys having fun. That was evidence of his love of good times.

Megan Moroney (2022):

In 2022, Megan Moroney shoey up her beer and made sure she failed to spill any on her dress.

She engaged her listeners and flaunted her playful side. Moroney exhibited her sincere devotion to her audience as a country performer.

Zach Bryan (2022)

In 2022, Zach Bryan wore his stylish ankle boots to have the his shoey moment. He engaged his listeners and flaunted his lighthearted side.

Bryan showed himself to be a real country music singer that adores his followers.

Kacey Musgraves (2019)

2019 saw Kacey Musgraves do her shoey with a glass slipper. Her humorous side was on display as she imitated country music cliché. Musgraves demonstrated her to be a real unique and crazy youngster.

Bailey Zimmerman (2024):

In 2024 Bailey Zimmerman replaced his shoes with a sneaker. He was in Australia marking his debut headlining gig.

Zimmerman expressed gratitude for the zeal and intensity of his supporters.

Celebrities Who Have Done a Shoey

Australia-born British actress and musician Kylie Minogue received the renowned Global Icon award at the 2024 Brit Awards.

Impressed by host Roman Kemp, she was asked to put on a shoey, an Australian custom of sipping beer from a shoe, during the ceremony.

Though first surprised by the invitation, Minogue finally consented to participate in the enjoyable time.

To the audience’s pleasure, Minogue and Kemp hit shoes and downed the beer, her famous heels acting as the creative drink vessel.

Cheers and shouts from the audience greeted Minogue for her readiness to get free and enjoy herself.

Though she is an international star, this humorous encounter demonstrated her modesty and ability to relate to her fans.

Minogue’s prominent position in the music business was celebrated and her Australian heritage was recognized with her shoey moment.

It was evidence of her grounded demeanor and her capacity to gracefully and delightfully welcome unexpected situations.

The legendary shoey incident cemented her status as a cherished and friendly celebrity and will surely go down in Brit Awards history as one of the most unforgettable events.

That was evidence of his love of good times. Zimmerman solidified his standing as a country music superstar.

‘Shoey’ Music Video

In his new music video for “Shoey,” Australian country musician Jake Whittaker encourages fans to get shoes.

Whittaker uploaded on social media:

Call to party! Put on your best shoes videos for my next music video! Put a tag on your shoe video! Try #doashoeywithme; you could triumph!” First Shoey videos delivered by fans will appear in Whittaker’s “Shoey” music video.

The relaxed vibe of Australian society and the friendship of country music are captured by this collaborative approach.

Whittaker hopes that by bringing shoes-style music, he can gather his supporters together.

The short videos that fans uploaded for Whittaker’s song video show how many country music fans are becoming engaged in the tradition.

Artists like Whittaker are finding fresh approaches to include regional customs and culture into their songs and videos as Australian country music develops.

The music video for “Shoey” by Jake Whittaker demonstrates a uniting force of music and tradition.

Whittaker’s iconic music video encourages fans to use #doashoeywithme to record their story moments and promotes Australian culture and the country music community.

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Lainey Wilson’s Shoey Moment

American country music performer Lainey Wilson got in on the Australian custom of doing a shoey on stage on March 17, 2024.

Wilson, a woman with tremendous enthusiasm and captivating charm, guzzled beer from a cowboy boot and yelled “Holler and Swaller”.

She shouted “Holler and Swaller,” and the audience, anxious to see her take up the challenge, broke out in applause.

Wilson threw down the beer grinning, cemented her position as a wild child of country music . Her enthusiasm to adopt Australian culture was much applauded by the audience .

Wilson added, “I can’t believe I’m drinking beer out of a boot,” just before grabbing the shoey. Still, I’m rather looking forward to it. Are you ready? She and her guitarist also clicked leather cowboy boots.

This clumsy scene highlighted Wilson’s ability to relate to her audience and her excitement for embracing local customs.

She performed that night that will surely be recalled, and her shoey scene will live on in history as evidence of her commitment to her art and her audience.


  • From an unusual Australian custom, the shoey has become an international craze.
  • Fans of country music have been drawn together and social gaps bridged by the shoey welcome of performers like Luke Combs and Lainey Wilson.
  • The shoey stands in for the potential of culture and music to unite and empower.
  • These days, it’s a much-loved custom that symbolizes celebration and friendship in the country music industry.
  • Raise a boot (or shoe!) to the shoey, a representation of Australian culture and country music friendship, the next time you’re at an occasion or event.

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