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CMT Roundup: New Music from Luke Combs, HARDY & More

The American landscape of country music is huge and always changing. From the twangy Bakersfield sound to the polished Nashville productions, each region and time period adds its own special touch to the genre.

But with so many new songs coming out, it can be hard to keep up. That’s where CMT’s Roundup playlist comes in handy.

Updated every week, The Roundup is more than just a list of popular songs. It’s a carefully chosen collection that shows where country music is heading.

The playlist features both well-known artists who are trying new things and new voices just starting to make their mark.

Whether you’re an experienced country music fan or someone new looking for great songs, The Roundup is a perfect guide.

It helps you discover new music without feeling overwhelmed.

So, if you want to explore the ever-changing world of country music and find hidden gems, The Roundup promises an exciting and fun journey.

What is CMT’s The Roundup Playlist?

CMT’s The Roundup playlist serves as a treasure map for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of country music.

Its core purpose lies in offering a meticulously curated selection of the hottest new releases because it’s updated weekly, ensuring listeners stay ahead of the curve.

The playlist boasts two key features that cater to a wide range of country music fans.

Firstly, it’s a haven for freshness, receiving a weekly update brimming with the latest and greatest tracks.

This ensures you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to the genre’s newest offerings.

Secondly, The Roundup embraces inclusivity by featuring a captivating blend of established artists and rising indie talents.

Whether you’re a longtime devotee of country music royalty or seeking fresh voices from the heartland, The Roundup caters to your sonic desires.

Clocking in at around 52 songs with a total playtime of roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes, it offers a comprehensive journey through the genre’s current soundscape.

What Does One Get Listening to the CMT Roundup Playlist?!

CMT’s The Roundup playlist is not just another collection of songs – it’s a special mix of music that offers great benefits for both listeners and artists.

Here’s why you should add The Roundup to your country music journey:

The Roundup helps you find new artists and songs you might miss otherwise.

Whether it’s an indie artist or a hidden track from a famous singer, The Roundup makes sure you’re always discovering fresh music.

Country music has many different styles, from the soulful sound of Americana to the exciting energy of modern country rock.

The Roundup gives you a taste of these different styles in one playlist. This lets you explore new kinds of country music and find what you like best.

Finding great new music can take a lot of time. The Roundup acts as your personal music helper, picking the best new songs for you. You can just hit play and enjoy the music without spending hours searching.

Country music is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up.

The Roundup updates every week, so you’re always hearing the latest songs and trends. You’ll never miss out on the next big hit.

For this artist, being included in The Roundup playlist helps new artists get noticed.

It’s a great way for them to show their music to more people, which can help them become more popular and gain new fans.

So, whether you’re a longtime country music fan or new to the genre, The Roundup is the perfect playlist to keep you entertained and in the know.

Easy Ways to Access The Roundup Playlist

Craving fresh country tunes? Here’s how to find The Roundup playlist:

Spotify: Open the Spotify app and search for “The Roundup” playlist, or visit CMT’s Roundup playlist directly from here.

Apple Music: Launch the Apple Music app and browse for “The Roundup” playlist.

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Some Songs We Enjoyed from The Roundup!

The Roundup playlist never disappoints, and this week’s edition is packed with emotional ballads, empowering anthems, and relatable stories.

Here are a few highlights that caught our ears:

1. “The Man He Sees in Me” by Luke Combs (released June 6th): This tender ballad by Luke Combs explores the complexities of fatherhood.

Combs, a new dad himself, sings about the self-doubt and aspirations that come with raising a son who sees him as a hero.

2. “Truck on Fire” by Carly Pearce (released June 7th): Carly Pearce flips the script on heartbreak with this fiery anthem.

A scorned woman seeks revenge on her cheating ex by setting his truck ablaze, symbolizing her anger and desire to move on.

3. “Gone Country” by Thomas Rhett (released June 7th): This lighthearted song by Thomas Rhett tells the story of a city girl who finds a new life in the countryside.

The slower pace, genuine connections, and of course, country music, all contribute to her decision to leave the city behind.

Beyond the Highlights!

The Roundup offered even more this week! Here are two additional tracks that deserve a listen:

4. “Six Feet Under (Caleigh’s Song)” by Hardy (released June 7th): This emotional ballad by HARDY explores grief and loss after the death of a loved one, specifically Caleigh.

The song grapples with the unknown realities of the afterlife while celebrating the enduring love between them.

5. “Make it Me” by Mickey Guyton (released June 7th): This is an empowering anthem for any woman who wants to take charge in her love life.

Guyton throws away tired tropes and sings about a woman who confidently expresses her desires and her worth.

These are just a taste of what The Roundup has to offer each week. With such a diverse range of artists and stories, there’s always something new to discover.

This exploration can be a springboard for future dives into specific artists or deeper analyses of the featured songs.

So keep an eye out for next week’s Roundup, and we’ll be back to share our thoughts!

Exploring CMT’s Country Music Content (Beyond The Roundup)

The Roundup playlist is just the beginning of your country music adventure with CMT! Here are some more exciting ways to dive deeper into the genre:

Award Shows: You can watch the “CMT Music Awards (CMA)” to see the biggest stars and new talents shine. These shows are full of glitz and glamour, celebrating the best in country music.

Original Programming: CMT has lots of original shows for you to enjoy. If you like reality TV, check out “Music City.”

If you want to see what life on tour is like, watch CMT’s docu-series that follows artists on the road.

Artist Interviews: These interviews take you behind the scenes with your favorite country music stars through insightful interviews.

Learn about their creative process, personal stories, and upcoming projects. These interviews give you a closer look at the artists you love.

Online Content: You can visit the CMT website for exclusive online content. You can watch music videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes extras.

There are also artist blogs where you can read about their thoughts and experiences. CMT is your one-stop shop for everything country music.

So, explore these extra resources and find your new favorite artist or show.

Don’t forget to check out Luke Combs’ latest release!

The Man He Sees in Me!


  • The Roundup playlist helps you find new and exciting country music, featuring both established artists and emerging talents.
  • With weekly updates, you’ll always be in the loop with the latest country music trends and releases.
  • The Roundup acts as your personal music curator, saving you the time and effort of searching for great new tracks.
  • You can enjoy a wide range of country music subgenres, from soulful Americana to energetic modern country rock, all in one playlist.
  • The Roundup helps new artists gain visibility, showcasing their music to a broader audience and helping them build a fanbase.
  • With Roundup list, you can dive deeper into the country music world with CMT’s award shows, original programming, artist interviews, and exclusive online content.
  • With CMT, you’ll continuously find something new and exciting, making your country music journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

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