Willie Nelson hasn’t been to Colorado since they legalized pot, plans on releasing another new album this fall

Willie NelsonWillieNelson.com/Photo By Lana Nelson

When Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana I figured Willie Nelson would have been investing in property in both states. 

Turns out he hasn't even been to Colorado since the state legalized pot back in 2013.

Willie recently did an interview with Celeb Stoner and told the website that he's been asked to do a PSA about marijuana by the state's governor, but hasn't actually been to the state since they legalized one of his favorite past times. 


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Dolly Parton on ‘Blue Smoke,’ LGBT fans & her Willie Nelson & Kenny Rogers friendships

Dolly Parton - Blue Smoke Album Cover Art

Dolly Parton is rollin' down the track with her newly released Blue Smoke record, a healthy 12-track set that has the living legend sharing her legacy's body of work in cool, new ways. Whether it is the feisty gospel spin of Bon Jovi's "Lay Your Hands On Me" or the tender "You Can't Make Old Friends," a duet with long-time friend and collaborator Kenny Rogers, Parton is as sharp-shooting as she ever was.

"I usually don't get played on the radio that much anymore. I don't try taylor-make things just for radio," she told reporters at a press event last month of the album. As a whole, Parton wanted Blue Smoke to be a project her fans "would want to hear, something that means something to me."

"I thought, 'well, here at this age, I've been around this long. I've had the chance to do some of everything.' I just wanted to put together a record–I wrote a little liner note in the album where I talked about that I felt like this was just a whole assortment of all the different things I'd done through the years," she described. "I'm a girl of many colors. It was an album of many colors. I think it touched on the bluegrass, the gospel, the mountain and the more pop and rock things."


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