Miranda Lambert ‘All Kinds of Kinds’ – Video Review

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With the release of Miranda Lambert’s new video for ‘All
Kinds of Kinds’, this presumably marks the end of the ‘Four The Record’ era.
While Miranda is busy getting started on her fifth album, ‘All Kinds of Kinds’
does that age-old thing of using concert footage, both to advertise the final
few tour dates and because they don’t have the time or the funding to film a
proper music video.

I usually see this as a major cop-out as do most other fans
I notice (makes it really obvious that that single is just designed to milk the
final few valuable remains of that album), but this particular video doesn’t
actually get that criticism from me. They
made an effort here at least. 


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Jana Kramer ‘I Hope It Rains’ – Video Review


The first single of Jana’s released to radio to be upbeat
and sassy, ‘I Hope It Rains’ is a solid single that required an equally dynamic
video. This is what they have delivered; it’s certainly nice to see Jana having
a good time in a music video, and her camera technique is very good.

The video for ‘I Hope It Rains’ is built around a line in
the second verse of the song about a white wedding. The storyline shows Jana
infiltrating the wedding venue, wearing the bridal gown (plus sneakers) and
dancing around, then as the video progresses we begin to see a bit of trashing
the place, Taylor Swift/Miranda Lambert-style. Turning the aisle into a slip
slide with her band, taking the figurines off the wedding cake and knocking
over glasses on the tables as she tiptoes along them, this video had all the
makings of a fun revenge fest, but doesn’t quite deliver its full potential.


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Kellie Pickler ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ – Video Review


Disclaimer: All posts written by guest writers on this website are solely that writer's opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the other writers and site owner. I respect their opinions and so should you, even if you don't agree with it.

While I was a little
critical of the production on this song
, they could not really have done
better with the video. Apart from the slow, smooth movement and pastel colors
complimenting the feel of the ballad exceptionally well, there is a marketing
strategy involved that I’m sure will really boost the sales of this record and
put Kellie’s music back on the country music radar.

Her popularity on Dancing With The Stars makes featuring her
dancing with her partner Derek Hough a no-brainer, as it draws in views and
listens from those who do not know her music but simply enjoyed her dancing on
the show (and I can imagine this is quite a high number of people). It
capitalizes on the post-winning buzz and also makes her identifiable for
channel-hoppers, for example. Then there’s the simple fact that she’s just damn
good at it. It makes for fantastic viewing, and will stand out among country
music videos that mostly depict people getting drunk in trucks and partying. A
music video that actually shows talent and will be awe-inspiring for viewers is
one of the best adverts Kellie could have for this song.


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Kacey Musgraves ‘Blowin’ Smoke’ Video Review


The video for ‘Blowin’ Smoke’, which is only Kacey’s second,
is one that I was very much looking forward to. I hoped that Kacey would treat
it with the same level of understated dry wit that she treats her music and
this song in particular with, and luckily my wishes came true. The desaturation
and vintage crackling film lines that we saw in the video for ‘Merry Go Round’
reappear here, flicking between color and black-and-white, with the
characteristic clinks of glasses and plates that can be heard in the song
elongated and emphasized. As the song tells a vivid story in itself there was
not much need to deviate from that, and certainly Kacey merely builds on what
she has already written.


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Lady Antebellum’s ‘Downtown’ – Funny or Just Random Ridiculousness? – Video Review

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Miranda Lambert Gets Self-Destructive In ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ – Video Review


This video is built upon the very simple premise of ‘pretty
rich woman goes mental whilst trying to retain her dignity’. It’s one bound for
success; how many network dramas show us rich people’s lives falling apart? We
love to see behind the oh-so-perfect mask. That’s exactly what this video does,
and is some of Miranda’s best work. From the 60s beehive hairdo and eyeliner
flick, to the well-to-do Southern housewife outfits, you could mistake this
video for being about high society, if you didn’t already know the content of
the song.

However, interspersed with the nature of glamour and
fabulous are the snappy shots of a heartbreak as a make-up smudged, messed-up
hair, snarling Miranda enacts the lyrics as they appear in the song. We watch
the transformation of her into a sexy lace basque and trying to keep it
together while she necks whiskey in her pristine bedroom. In addition, from the
second verse onwards we have shots of Miranda lying in a bath (more gorgeous
clothes) and smoking, as well as a dinnertable scene, stabbing her food to
death with a hysterical crazy expression on her face. The gusto she puts into
the emotion and crazy-woman anger of the whole video is fantastic, and her best
acting on screen to date. The editing is also flawless, with plenty of quick
shots that match the rhythm of the song, showing you the schizophrenic nature
of this character, and the differences between what she is attempting to
project to the world, and what she is feeling inside. It’s an interesting
character study apart from anything else, and gives us a juicy reminder that
those perfect rich people we so envy, are, somewhat satisfyingly, going insane
inside their little world (maybe that’s just me loving that?).


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Eric Church ‘Like Jesus Does’ Single & Video Review


The fifth (and I’m guessing final) single from Eric Church’s
award-winning (and chart staying – still #10 this week) 2011 release ‘Chief’ is
‘Like Jesus Does’. I was surprised to hear this as it’s not the most commercial
song in the world, being a quiet ballad that doesn’t try to intrude upon your
life if you don’t want it too. It’s easily ignored.

But that’s almost the beauty of it. Previously, the other
singles from ‘Chief’ have been fairly upbeat and rock-infused, for example
‘Drink In My Hand’, ‘Creepin’’ and ‘Homeboy’. ‘Springsteen’ is perhaps an
exception at times but the chorus sells it on a mass scale. ‘Like Jesus Does’
however, waits for you to come to it – it doesn’t shout you down and demand
attention. In this way it intrigues me more, because its understated nature is
perfect for the deep and thoughtful lyrics. It is a song of thanks,
essentially; of how the narrator’s wife/partner loves him so unconditionally it
is almost akin to the love Jesus has for him. That’s a powerful metaphor for
love if ever I saw it. It doesn’t get bigger than that.

As I watched the new video for it on YouTube, I read the
usually juvenile comments that actually raised an interesting point. People
were pointing out their religious beliefs in reference to the song, for example
atheists saying that they still loved the song despite not believing in Jesus.
And I think that’s a valid point. From the title one would assume that it is a
spiritual song, but it rather is a commentary on true love, and even if someone
does not believe in Jesus, they can appreciate the sentiment with just a casual
knowledge of the basics of Christianity. It is universal songs like this that
are often the most successful.


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