Ashliegh Lisset – 10 Random Questions


Texas native Ashliegh Lisset is one of country music's up and coming female artists. Not only is she beautiful but she is extremely talented as well. At just 11 years of age Ashliegh lost her father, who died in combat in Iraq. It was then she began to take her music seriously. On August 6, 2013 she released 'Kill The Headlights' which was written by Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey and Carrie Underwood. The single can be heard on Sirius Xm The Highway. Ashliegh Lisset is determined to be one of country music's leading ladies and due to the amount of attention she's been receiving it's only a matter of time.

1. At what age did you know you wanted to pursue music?

I was 15 years old when I decided to pursue music as a career.


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Meet this week’s #FeaturedFriday artist: The Rankin Twins


Wow, can you believe it's already Friday again? Well it is so welcome to another edition of our weekly introduction to an artist you should be listening to. Welcome to #FeaturedFriday.

This week we have the sassy and talented Rankin Twins. Now I have to disclose that this week I'm poaching directly from who has been featuring the pair on a pretty regular basis for a while now. The pair's Rankin Road Rules are a hoot and I've been happily following their antics for weeks. 

But who are The Rankin Twins? Well they are Amy and April Rankin, or “Number 1” and “Number 2” as they sometimes jokingly call themselves. The pair grew up in Texas and then went away to college. After graduating and trying their hand at regular jobs, they decided to pursue their first passion … music. Unfortunately, they soon came to their first huge hurdle when Amy ended up having brain surgery to remove a tumor. 

“I think the obstacles we've overcome help us to be able to channel our experiences, love, doubts and fears into our music. We make an attitude choice daily to make sure we stay positive,” Amy says. 

It's definitely that positive attitude that shines through in their music. The gals are goofy, funny, and a pair I could definitely see myself hanging out with. When I was putting together the bits and pieces for this article, the ladies were each working on the questions I had sent them without realizing it. We had a good laugh when they told me they were sitting in the same airport but didn't realize they were both working on the same set of questions for me. 

Aside from the fun of watching and listening to a pair of bubbly blondes, their music is pretty damn good too, as you can see in the video below for Jezebel. The pair have spent quite a bit of time on the Texas music charts, and hopefully we'll get the chance to see them on the other charts such as Billboard in the near future. 

If you'd like to find out more about Amy and April, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, their website, and of course on CMchatlive

Check out the questions they answered for NashvilleGab below. 



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NashvilleGab inaugural #FeaturedFriday artist is: Tyler Hatley and the Little Mountain Band

Tyler and the Little Mountain Band 2

Last week I announced that NashvilleGab would be featuring a new and/or little known country artist in our new weekly #FeaturedFriday series. 

I had quite a few entries for consideration so it was a tough call on who to feature first, but I finally narrowed it down to one person, or at least one band. 

So without further ado, meet Tyler and the Little Mountain Band.

Or re-meet I should say. 


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Prepare to be a “fann” of David Fanning!


Photo Copyright: Robert Chavers

So there I was minding my own business on twitter one day when Justin Timberlake posts an almost interesting tweet:


My initial reaction was well yeah that makes two of us, but then I deciced to investigate this a lil bit further. Who was this guy that was brave enough to take a Justin Timberlake song and turn it country? I mean, we know his name, but really who was he? He obviously oozed talent. Like real deal, talent, too. Not that manufactured stuff they sell in stores. No, his talent is genuine. He took a popular pop song and made it undeniable country. He literally did what I woulda' deemed the impossible…he made the song his own. And a fair warning to all the ladies out there…the way he sings the line "I just can't forget the way we turned out this bed" will make your heart skip a beat. Wanna know more? Find out after the JUMP


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Ashley Gearing definitely has some promise

Ashley Gearing FacebookFacebook/Matt Albiani 

Ashley Gearing is currently on a radio tour to promote her new single Boomerang. Well I liked the song when they played it on the radio this morning and wanted to hear it again so I went searching for it. And I searched and searched and searched. 

I had the worst time finding anything about Ashley, so this post actually started out as a gripe aimed towards record labels to say if you're going to send someone out on a radio tour, don't make it so dang hard to find info about them. But then I ended up coming across Ashley's Facebook and Twitter and website, so the griping I started out doing ended up being kinda stupid so I deleted it all and started over. 


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Weston Burt – 10 Random Questions


Alabama native Weston Burt has his eye on becoming country music's next big thing. A product of Fort Payne, AL which is home to legendary group Alabama, Weston was naturally born with an advantage. His authentic country sound, hard work ethic, and the gift of amazing vocals is what makes Weston the total package. In Jan, 2013 he set out on a radio tour to promote his then newly single "Lucky Sometimes." However, his latest single "Smile That Smile" is a song of pure musical genius. When I learned Rhett Akins was involved in co-writing the song, I wasn't surprised. Rhett is one of the best song writers of today's time. The song is on my top ten list of 2013. Weston Burt is talented beyond belief but I figured it was time to get to know this up and coming star just a little bit better. 


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