Sara Evans has something to say on ‘Slow Me Down’–Album Review

Sara Evans - Slow Me Down

Amidst pop-country affair, there shines a voice as crystal as moonshine. That voice belongs to the one and only Sara Evans. While she certainly has had little radio success in recent years, that doesn't detract from her latest showing, the groovy, beat-heavy Slow Me Down. Set to be released on Tuesday, March 11, the project boasts 11 songs, including a sensational collaboration with the legendary Vince Gill on "Better Off." It's a guitar-laden song that is the most traditional-inspired of the bunch. As can be expected, Gill's harmonious, angelic voice tenderly caresses the ear drums — easily one of the album's most enjoyable tracks.


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A rant about Sara Evans’ cover art


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Sara Evans describes her new album as confident and sexy. I believe that’s what she was going for with the cover. Unfortunately, she’s a bit off the mark. Confident and sexy would be the photos included with her greatest hits package. Those photos are classy, and an unproven cure for erectile dysfunction. The new album cover begs the question: “Where’s the pole?” 


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Sara Evans isn’t happy with the Alabama school system

Sara Evans and familyTwitter

This week has been a bad one for pretty much everyone towards the Eastern side of the US what with Atlanta looking like a scene out of the Walking Dead and Polar Vortex 2.0.

After many people, including young children, got stranded in schools, on highways, and in stores for hours and hours this week due to snow and ice, Sara Evans had a few choice words for those in charge of snow days at the schools. 


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Sara Evans to release new album, ‘Slow Me Down’, this March

Sara Evans Slow Me Down

Multi platinum-selling recording artist Sara Evans, one of the most compelling and authentic vocalists in Country music, will release her highly anticipated seventh studio album Slow Me Down, on March 4, 2014. The album comes over two years after the release of Stronger, her second Billboard Country Album Chart #1. Despite five #1 Country songs Slow Me Down’s title track, released earlier this Fall is Sara’s biggest first week Country radio added single ever.  The song has been steadily climbing the charts ever since.   The video featuring NASCAR great Carl Edwards is now in heavy rotation on both CMT and GAC and can be seen at


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