Who Will Taylor Swift Date Next? I Make Some Predictions…


However trivial it might be, I thought this would be a fun
thing to do, as in my view there tends to be a pattern with who Taylor Swift
dates. Think of it as a puzzle/guessing game.

I know some you will comment saying “I don’t care, she’s not
even country, I wish she’d stop dating everyone and writing about everyone she
dates and just go be pop.” These comments crop up every time I write about
Taylor Swift and go ahead if you’d also like to post them here because well,
free speech and all (I know comments are moderated but we publish all that
aren’t abusive or spam). But I thought it’d be good to enter into the spirit of
fun, and hopefully some of this will amuse you if nothing else.

I have asked on Twitter and also some of my friends, so I
cannot take credit for coming up with all of these predictions. Mass credit to
everyone I have had this conversation with. Here we go.

Michael J. Fox’s Son.

Prince Harry. I’m
alarmed by this suggestion but it was a suggestion all the same, and judging by
Taylor’s closeness to the Kennedy’s, she likes a bit of a famous, powerful
family… Prince Harry appears to have that down pretty well. However he
doesn’t really associate with the music world as far as I know and is often out
fighting as part of the British Army, so maybe not.

Justin Bieber.
Taylor’s historically been friends with Justin, and now Selena Gomez appears to
be out the picture and Justin is of legal age, maybe Taylor will make her move.

Ed Sheeran. The
two were romantically linked in 2012 before Taylor became involved with Harry
Styles, so considering Ed is about to embark on the Red Tour with Taylor this
year, and has been quoted as saying he’s going to write his album while out on
the road, I’d say this is pretty likely. They’ll write songs together, record
songs together, spend time together, and Taylor has a history with musicians,
let’s face it. She dated Joe Jonas in 2008, Harry Styles in 2012 and John Mayer
in 2009, and even sang on John’s song ‘Half Of My Heart’.  This seems like a given to me.


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What’s 2013 Set To Hold In Country Music? I Have A Go At Making Some REAL Predictions…


Well, we had my summary of 2012 in country music, and after
querying it on Twitter, apparently people would like my take on what’s in store
for the bright new year. I’m going to predict things at random. Mostly they’re
educated guesses, but we all need a few totally off-the-wall predictions,

  • Hillary Scott’s baby will be a boy. I have no
    idea what is telling me this, but something is.
  • Another country star will get pregnant. I think
    Carrie and Miranda (who have often been asked about kids) are more set for
    2014/15, but a country star somewhere is bound to get pregnant.
  • As for Taylor Swift relationship drama, I think
    after a couple of months the relationship with Harry will be over (although
    judging by her most recent tweet, “…’til you put me down.” It may already
    be), and she will have another two more relationships before the year is out,
    with a couple of other people she’s romantically linked with in the media but
    it doesn’t come to anything. Taylor has learned that relationships = publicity
    so I think her record label will be onto her to keep in the public eye in this
  • Kellie Pickler’s 2012 album ‘100 Proof’ wasn’t
    very well promoted by her label, who she then split from last year, but now she
    has signed with Black River Entertainment I think she will release a brand new
    single, totally out of left field and blow everyone away.
  • Kristian Bush will release an EP of acoustic
    sessions and a few songs he’s been working on, whilst Jennifer is off on
    maternity leave with her baby. It just makes sense and I really want it to


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