Lady Antebellum’s ‘Goodbye Town’ Is Underwhelming & Forgettable – Review


When I first listened to ‘Golden’, Lady Antebellum’s new
album from which ‘Goodbye Town’ is the second single, I was significantly
underwhelmed. True, I prefer music with a bit more twang and grit than is
typically expected of Lady Antebellum, but I had enjoyed ‘Downtown’ and was
hoping for more sass from their fourth record. However, ‘Goodbye Town’
accurately reflects an album which has few stand-out tracks, this one in
particular not being one of them. I was surprised that this was to be the
single, therefore, and disappointed that they chose to release a bland,
predictable soft rock ballad over some of the more interesting songs on

It would probably be correct to assume that most of their
fans will lap up ‘Goodbye Town’, as it does much of what they have done before:
an atmosphere and guitar-led song about angsty love/heartbreak, with fairy
standard lyrics that every teenage girl can post in a picture on their Tumblr
with some romanticized imagery. In fact, much of the song musically reminds me
of a single from their first album, ‘I Run To You’. If Lady A were looking to
release a heartbreak ballad, they could have chosen ‘It Ain’t Pretty’, or if
they were looking for something fuller production but similar tempo, ‘Get To
Me’ is a fairly solid track.


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Keith Urban’s ‘Little Bit of Everything’ – The Least Country Song This Year – Review


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Let me get this straight: This is not a country song. I know
these days classifying whether something is ‘country’ or not is subjective, but
I’m laying down the authority on this one. I’ve never been a huge fan of Keith
personally save a couple of songs, because I always found them too country pop in
an overwhelmingly peppy way (and no, it’s not ‘country rock’ just because he
has an electric guitar). However, when it came to listening to this song, and
reading a fan’s comment, stating that this was ‘more country’, I pretty much
lost faith in the state of country music today.

I don’t know what this fan was comparing ‘Little Bit of
Everything’ to, but suffice to say I fail to align this song to anything
remotely country. Apart from that token banjo that keeps popping up in
everything laundry-list, the R&B beat, tinge of nasally autotune and
technological edits that only serve to annoy simply sound like pop music to me.
While the melody is sweet, it is bland; at best, this is cheery elevator or
store music. Having said that, I did count my blessings when the bridge
arrived, and the perfect conditions for a country rap presented themselves.
Keith almost hints at it before dropping back into actual singing (remember
that stuff?), and I breathed the biggest sigh of relief since Taylor Swift
stopped winning country awards. Speaking of which, the explanation for Keith’s ‘new
sound’ is clear: his new producer is Nathan Chapman, longtime producer of
Swift. Maybe with his renewed popularity ‘with the kidz’ on American Idol
sparked an interest, either from him or his label or both, in reaching that
market with creative output. Because I honestly can’t imagine anyone older than
the age of 21 taking this seriously as a great song, and frankly this is
ridiculous coming from a man in his 40s.


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Kacey Musgraves ‘Blowin’ Smoke’ Video Review


The video for ‘Blowin’ Smoke’, which is only Kacey’s second,
is one that I was very much looking forward to. I hoped that Kacey would treat
it with the same level of understated dry wit that she treats her music and
this song in particular with, and luckily my wishes came true. The desaturation
and vintage crackling film lines that we saw in the video for ‘Merry Go Round’
reappear here, flicking between color and black-and-white, with the
characteristic clinks of glasses and plates that can be heard in the song
elongated and emphasized. As the song tells a vivid story in itself there was
not much need to deviate from that, and certainly Kacey merely builds on what
she has already written.


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Little Big Town – ‘Your Side of The Bed’ – Review


Little Big Town have had a moderately successful year
(deliberate understatement). After the release of ‘Tornado’ the album last
October, they’ve gone from strength to strength, selling more than ever before
and picking up award after award. Nobody can deny it; right now, Little Big
Town are hot stuff, and big money for that matter. There are multiple tracks on
‘Tornado’ worthy of being a single, including ‘Sober’, ‘Leavin’ In Your Eyes’,
‘Front Porch Thing’ and ‘Can’t Go Back’, which is why I was a little surprised
when they chose ‘Your Side of The Bed’. Clearly they wanted to release a
ballad, to truly showcase the power of their individual vocals and 4-part
harmonies more clearly, and as they’ve had two upbeat singles from the album,
this makes logical sense. However, for me, although it’s a beautiful track, I’m
not sure if it’s dynamic enough to be a single, especially off the back of
songs like ‘Pontoon’ and ‘Tornado’.


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Daryl Wayne Dasher’s ‘great big sky’ Is One To Take You Back – Review


Daryl Wayne Dasher is undeniably a child of the old school.
His music is certainly of the traditional country mindset, even down to the
voice, with sounds strangely raw and grinding compared to the smooth edited
vocals of modern country singers. Listening could take you back to a simpler,
more authentic time in the history of country music, with Daryl’s glaringly
honest emotion being conveyed in tracks such as ‘Soldier’ (admitting he’d
rather the war was over so he could just go home). There are a multitude of
musical influences on display too, from mainstream country of the 1960s and
1970s (‘Hello Sky!’, ‘I’ve Tried (I’m Dry)’, ‘What Does It Mean’) to bluegrass
(‘Ride Along’, ‘Mountains of Montana’). Overall Daryl constructs a
long-disappeared nostalgic musical landscape, peppered with introspective
musings and heart-breaking laments, with a firm traditional structure that
would put other contemporary artists’ claim to tradition to shame.


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Scotty McCreery’s ‘See You Tonight’ Set To Be His First Top 10 Hit? – Review

Scotty McCreery is known for his catchy feel-good love songs, and this song is certainly no exception. ‘See You Tonight’ is his first non-Holiday single since ‘Water Tower Town’ last…

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Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Blowin’ Smoke’ Is So Much More Than That – Single Review

‘Blowin’ Smoke’ continues where ‘Merry Go Round’ left off, putting Kacey’s storytelling skills to the test and displaying her penchant for glaring honesty and creating real small-town characters. This track…

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Lady Antebellum’s ‘Downtown’ – Funny or Just Random Ridiculousness? – Video Review

The music video for ‘Downtown’, begins with a somewhat amusing 2 minute conversation (which is actually acted really well in my opinion, the naturalness of it is impressive for people…

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Miranda Lambert Gets Self-Destructive In ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ – Video Review


This video is built upon the very simple premise of ‘pretty
rich woman goes mental whilst trying to retain her dignity’. It’s one bound for
success; how many network dramas show us rich people’s lives falling apart? We
love to see behind the oh-so-perfect mask. That’s exactly what this video does,
and is some of Miranda’s best work. From the 60s beehive hairdo and eyeliner
flick, to the well-to-do Southern housewife outfits, you could mistake this
video for being about high society, if you didn’t already know the content of
the song.

However, interspersed with the nature of glamour and
fabulous are the snappy shots of a heartbreak as a make-up smudged, messed-up
hair, snarling Miranda enacts the lyrics as they appear in the song. We watch
the transformation of her into a sexy lace basque and trying to keep it
together while she necks whiskey in her pristine bedroom. In addition, from the
second verse onwards we have shots of Miranda lying in a bath (more gorgeous
clothes) and smoking, as well as a dinnertable scene, stabbing her food to
death with a hysterical crazy expression on her face. The gusto she puts into
the emotion and crazy-woman anger of the whole video is fantastic, and her best
acting on screen to date. The editing is also flawless, with plenty of quick
shots that match the rhythm of the song, showing you the schizophrenic nature
of this character, and the differences between what she is attempting to
project to the world, and what she is feeling inside. It’s an interesting
character study apart from anything else, and gives us a juicy reminder that
those perfect rich people we so envy, are, somewhat satisfyingly, going insane
inside their little world (maybe that’s just me loving that?).


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