Courtney Cash, great niece to Johnny Cash, found murdered inside a box in Tennessee home

Courtney CashCourtney Cash photo courtesy WSMV

It always gives me a strange feeling when I get a statement regarding a tragedy before I've heard anything about the tragedy that prompted the statement. 

It happened just now. I have a cold and have been taking it easy this morning. Now I'm sitting here and I received a statement in my email inbox regarding a tragedy in the Cash (as in Johnny) family. Strangely enough, I hadn't heard about any tragedy and the statement didn't tell what happened. I had to go and find out the details myself.

It's always surreal working backwards on this sort of story.   


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Trace Adkins’ father’s obituary

Trace Adkins' father unfortunately passed away recently after an undisclosed illness. As I've done in the past, I went looking for the obituary so that fans may get to know something about this person who meant so much to their favorite artist. I've had to write several obituaries in the past myself and I'm always fascinated by how they are handled by other people. 


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Nashville bar owner shoots and kills country singer

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Here's a tragic story out of Nashville. 

A Nashville bar owner shot and killed an Alabama country singer early Saturday morning after a completely senseless fight. 

According to reports, Wayne Mills, 44, lead singer of The Wayne Mills Band, got into an altercation with Chris Ferrell, owner of the Pit and Barrel Bar on Second Avenue in Nashville, after Mills allegedly lit up a cigarette in the non-smoking part of the bar. That's when Ferrell allegedly shot Mills, who later died at a Nashville hospital. The two were reportedly good friends. 


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