Is Country Music Homophobic? Your favorite stars weigh in

For the last year (yes, this video was a year in the making), our friend Broadway has been asking everyone he interviews what turned out to be a surprisingly tough question ... is country music ready for an openly gay country star and whether the genre is homophobic in general? Some of the answers he got may surprise you.

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Parmalee’s Josh McSwain talks touring must-haves & Jake Owen: Exclusive

Parmalee 1

With nostalgic themes surging at radio lately, Parmalee certainly knows what it's like to be homesick and long for the past, especially as life gets faster and faster. "Home is where my heart is still beating," lead singer Matt Thomas sweetly sings in the group's first No. 1 country radio hit "Carolina," a syrup mid-tempo about a former love and (not so) ironically their hometown in North Carolina. It's a mix of both bold passion and hope. So, it's really no wonder that the song ultimately spent two weeks at the summit on the Mediabase radio tally in December and has since been certified gold, not an easy feat in the days of streaming and pirating.

"It feels great to know that something that we wrote and performed resonated with enough people to be considered a hit," lead guitarist Josh McSwain tells NashvilleGab exclusively. "I think everyone takes us more seriously now."


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Prepare to be a “fann” of David Fanning!


Photo Copyright: Robert Chavers

So there I was minding my own business on twitter one day when Justin Timberlake posts an almost interesting tweet:


My initial reaction was well yeah that makes two of us, but then I deciced to investigate this a lil bit further. Who was this guy that was brave enough to take a Justin Timberlake song and turn it country? I mean, we know his name, but really who was he? He obviously oozed talent. Like real deal, talent, too. Not that manufactured stuff they sell in stores. No, his talent is genuine. He took a popular pop song and made it undeniable country. He literally did what I woulda' deemed the impossible…he made the song his own. And a fair warning to all the ladies out there…the way he sings the line "I just can't forget the way we turned out this bed" will make your heart skip a beat. Wanna know more? Find out after the JUMP


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