Neal McCoy wishes we’d all quit being so mean to Trace Adkins

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I've heard from various fans that they think all us media folk are being mean and unfair to Trace Adkins after he recently entered rehab. I'm not exactly sure why they feel that, but anytime a celebrity comes under media scrutiny there are always the fans who react like mama bears. It's just the way it is. 

Honestly, though, I can't think of a single story I've read where anybody has been anything but respectful to Trace. I'm not talking TMZ, they're never kind unless you're a Victoria Secret model in a bikini, but from everyone else I haven't heard name-calling or anyone making fun of Trace for entering rehab or anything else that might be deemed cruel. I just haven't read anything. Yeah, okay, TMZ released the pictures of Trace and his cruise ship argument recently, but I'm sure we all knew they would. But even those pictures were nothing bad, they were just pictures of an incident that people are interested in. 

Here's the thing, though. It's sort of the celebrities and Trace's friends at this point who are keeping us talking about this story. Once the pictures came out on Monday, I think most people were ready to move on. In fact, I think most people were ready to move on from the story once they heard that there wasn't an actual knock down, drag out fight like it was portrayed at first and instead it was just Trace getting in a guy's face. People had a little fun with the whole Trace fighting with his impersonator side of things, but after the first day and once the truth started trickling out, I think most people were ready to move on to the next story. 


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