A Mindy McCready update

As happens when something tragic happens, details have been emerging rapid fire regarding Mindy McCready's final days leading up to her death last Sunday. 

Here's a few of them.

The most important bit of information that's come out I think is that it turns out that Mindy was never a suspect in her boyfriend's death. 

It had been reported that Mindy was under investigation in the death of her boyfriend, David Wilson, after he died of a gunshot wound last month. The story went that she kept changing her story about how she found Wilson and that made police suspicious.

According to TMZ, however, Mindy was never a suspect and wasn't under investigation. Cleburne County Sheriff Marty Moss tells the website that Mindy was never considered a suspect or person of interest and that she "never changed her story."


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Mindy McCready was writing an autobiography when she died

Mindy McCready

As most everyone is aware of by now I'm sure, Mindy McCready sadly and unsurprisingly took her own life (and that of her dog) yesterday on the same porch in Heber Springs, Arkansas where her boyfriend and father of her youngest son died of a gunshot wound just last month. 

While most of us will never understand what was going through Mindy's mind when she decided to turn the gun on herself, it turns out that when she died she was attempting to shed light on the demons that had haunted her for most of her life by writing a book. 

Back in January of 2012, Mindy had tweeted about the autobiography she was working on. 

In the excerpt she referenced, Mindy wrote:

The following is an overview of a future book about my life.

I haven’t had a hit in almost a decade. I’ve spent my fortune, tarnished my public view, and made myself the brunt of punch line after punch line. I’ve been beaten, sued, robbed, arrested, jailed, and evicted. But I’m still here. With a handful of people that I know and trust, a revived determination, and both middle fingers up in the air, I’m ready. I’ve been here before. I’m a fighter. I’m down, but I’ll never be out.

This book is not about shifting blame. I know I’ve made mistakes and I take full responsibility for those mistakes. This book is part diary, part therapy, part confessional, part job, and part apology. But mostly, I just want people to understand me better. So when people like Nancy Grace or the TMZ parasites pass judgment, they can do so with the full story.

So here it is, the story of Mindy McCready. My story.

Please remember, this is only an overview of the book. I’ll be posting chapter excerpts periodically.


Some people have lived such extraordinary lives that their story begs to be written as the rest of the world waits for the chance to peek in at the fame, fortune, violence, scandal, and shocking behavior from a safe distance.

I am one such person.


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