To see the real Laura Bell Bundy just check out her new video for ‘That’s What Angels Do’

Most people know Laura Bell Bundy as the singer who loves the kitschy, over-the-top songs such as Giddy On Up, Two Step, and Kentucky Dirty, but what a lot of people don't seem to realize about the former Broadway cutie is that she's also a great singer who has a whole lot of more in depth, legit songs that really should be on the radio. 
Her first album Achin' And Shakin' is still one of my favorites that I play all the time and I was actually personally sad when it didn't get more recognition than it did. 
Well here's the new video for another of her more serious, very lovely songs called That's What Angels Do that will unfortunately go unnoticed in this world of Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line, and Luke Bryan. 


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Why Laura Bell Bundy Will Never Make It In Country Music


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With the recent release of ‘Two Step’, Laura Bell Bundy is
having her second stab at the country music world. But there’s a reason it didn’t
work the first time.

Laura Bell Bundy is a former Broadway star, and thus she is
used to playing characters, in fact is it almost inherent. You might think that
she is therefore ideal for country music, but she is a performer rather than an
authentic storyteller. In other words, she doesn’t sing the truth but instead
plays a part, making her performances decidedly shallow and devoid of meaning.
I don’t believe the sentiments in her music, I don’t feel her pain as if it
were her own, I just feel her acting. It feels like a false persona. Country
fans don’t like that.


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Big Machine Records adds Laura Bell Bundy to their growing artist list (from the mailbag)

LBBPhoto Credit: Jeremy Cowart / Courtesy of

The Big Machine Label Group (BMLG)  proudly announces singer, songwriter and
entertainer Laura Bell Bundy to the label’s star-studded roster
of artists.

Bundy is currently featured on Rascal Flatts’ LIVE &
, performing as part of the DANCE YA’LL EXPERIENCE. The summer
trek allows Bundy to give fans a first-look at her forthcoming single,
“Two Step,” which will officially be available on
iTunes July 9 and impact Country radio on August


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