Chart Roundup – Week of February 23rd, 2013


After the chaos of Grammy weekend, it appears my predicted shake-up of the country charts has occurred.
Following a successful mini-performance on the Grammys and 3 nominations, Hunter Hayes’ super-hit of last year, ‘Wanted’
has hit #1 again on Hot Country Songs in its 51st week, his
self-titled album leaping up to #5 on Top Country Albums. His latest single, ‘Somebody’s
Heartbreak’ meanwhile, is trailing back at #11 on Hot Country Songs and #16 on
Country Digital Songs, but at least is up to #10 on Country Airplay.

Last week’s #1, The
Band Perry’s ‘Better Dig Two’ drops to #2 for their 15th successive
week on Hot Country Songs, whilst it tops Country Airplay but is down to #6 on
Country Digital Songs. But Hunter Hayes isn’t the only one to have two tracks
on the charts this week. Tim McGraw’s ‘One Of Those Nights’ leaps to #3 on Hot
Country Songs, #3 on Country Airplay and #3 on Country Digital Songs. In
addition to that an album track of his, ‘Highway Don’t Care’ (featuring Taylor
Swift and Keith Urban), that has been a huge hit with fans, debuts at #1 on
Country Digital Songs. It also made #13 on Hot Country Songs because of its
digital popularity, despite the impressive fact that it’s not even been
released as a single (although I think it probably will after this). Tim’s
accompanying album ‘Two Lanes of Freedom’ goes straight in at #1 on Top Country
Albums, making for a pretty awesome comeback
from the 45-year-old superstar.


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Chart Roundup: Week of February 16th, 2013


The Band Perry knock
Gary Allan off the #1 spot this week
with ‘Better Dig Two’, although they
stay at their respective places at #2 and #3 on Country Digital Songs and
Country Airplay.  With them sticking to
the top 5 of the charts so much lately, we can only imagine what the release of
their sophomore album in April is going to do for this sibling trio. Gary Allan, who was #1 across the board
last week, has dropped down to #2
on both Hot Country Songs and Country
Airplay with his hit track ‘Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)’, down to #3 on
Country Digital Songs but manages to hold on to the top spot on Top Country
Albums for another week. Meanwhile Country
Airplay has a new #1
, in Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Eric Church’s ‘The
Only Way I Know’ from Jason’s album ‘Night Train’, although it’s still at #5 on
Hot Country Songs and has only managed to climb back up to #8 on Country
Digital Songs. ‘Night Train’ is down #6 this week.

In its 4th week on the chart, Blake Shelton’s ‘Sure
Be Cool If You Did’ has jumped from #3 to #1, and Blake’s recent controversial comments don’t seem to have affected his
selling power
, as he appears to be going from strength to strength. The
song has also gained 3 places on Hot Country Songs, now at #4, although it
remains down at #12 on Country Airplay. Hunter Hayes, meanwhile, is also having
a not-too-shabby time, with his multiple Grammy nominations on Grammy weekend
and holding on tightly to the #3 spot on Hot Country Songs, the #4 spot on
Country Digital Songs and the #11 spot on Country Airplay. In addition, his
self-titled debut is up one place to #7, celebrating its 69th week
on the chart.


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Chart Roundup: Week of February 9th, 2013

Gary allan

Gary Allan’s had a
great week
with his hugely successful single ‘Every Storm (Runs Out Of
Rain)’ jumping up to #1 from #2 on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay
charts, with it shooting from #4 to #1 on Country Digital Songs. Overall this
song has been on the chart a respectable 22 weeks with seemingly many more to
come. If that isn’t enough, his newly released album ‘Set You Free’ that the
aforementioned hit is from has debuted at #1 on Top Country Albums, making for
a clean sweep from the 45-year-old California native.

‘Better Dig Two’ from
The Band Perry is continuing to do well
, up to #3 on Country Airplay and #2
on Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs. While there is still two months
to wait until their as-yet-untitled sophomore album is released on April 2nd,
we can be sure with the success of the lead-off single that it will dominate
the charts in a similar way. Randy
Houser’s also enjoying a successful time
with the release of his album ‘How
Country Feels’, going straight in at #3 on Top Country Albums, the title track moving
up to #6 on Hot Country Songs and #4 on Country Airplay (on the chart for 40
weeks!), shooting, surprisingly, from #15 to #6 this week on Country Digital

Other key figures on
the chart this week
include Hunter Hayes, whose mega-hit ‘Wanted’ is still
sitting pretty at #3 on Hot Country Songs and #4 on Country Digital Songs, his
self-titled album dropping to #8 on Top Country Albums. Florida Georgia Line
also aren’t looking too shabby, ‘Cruise’ remaining at #4 on Hot Country Songs
but dropping to #5 on Country Digital Songs. Their album, ‘Here’s To The Good
Times’ drops from #2 to #4 on Top Country Albums. As for climbers, ‘The Only
Way I Know’, the country/rap release from Jason Aldean, Eric Church and Luke
Bryan, is making its way up all charts, the album it’s taken from, Jason’s ‘Night
Train’, remaining at #5 on Top Country Albums for its 15th week on
the chart.


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Worst Country Songs That Were Big Hits Poll – Response


Recently, The Boot ran
a Facebook poll that asked readers what the worst country hits were. I had a
look through some of the answers and some were expected, and some totally
surprised me, so I thought I’d share this list with you and a few of my
comments. Here’s the top 10 counting down.

10. Shania Twain –
That Don’t Impress Me Much

I get this. One of the main things that underlies country
fans’ criticisms of songs is the lack of ‘country’ they feel is present. Though
I loved this song as a kid growing up, it was because of its poppiness, not
because it was a great country song. Its bouncy chirpiness and connections to
novelties probably didn’t do a lot for its popularity with die-hard country
fans either.

9. Jason Aldean –
Dirt Road Anthem

I can see why people were annoyed by this one. I personally
found it all kinds of oddness, despite the fact it was a huge hit. Brantley
Gilbert is a talented writer but I actually preferred his remixed version,
although it was even further from ‘country’ than Jason’s. The slow rap is not a

8. Sugarland – Stuck
Like Glue

WHAT EVEN THE WHAT. I love this song. A lot. It is so catchy
and the video is probably one of my all-time favorite country music videos.
It’s hysterical and I just don’t understand how anyone can truly hate this
song. Sure, they might be annoyed by its catchiness, but I like to call those
people spoilsports and the ‘cool kids’ who pretend not to love ‘Call Me Maybe’
by Carly Rae Jepsen but rock out to it in the shower. However, this song is
far, far better than that and there is no excuse whatsoever for not loving it.


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