A note from an unhappy Jana Kramer fan

Jana Kramer

UPDATE: Jana possibly just emailed me and apologized to the unhappy fan. 

Earlier today I had a story about Kip Moore making some special fans feel extra special. I had mentioned that with Hollywood celebs you hear a lot of stories about bad behavior towards their fans but that with country stars you don't hear those stories very often. 

Unfortunately, occasionally I do hear stories about fans and their unhappy encounters with someone famous. 

Here's a story I received in my email back at the beginning of July from one reader who had an unpleasant encounter with Jana Kramer. Hopefully Jana was just having an off day and this isn't an indication of how she normally treats fans, but if it is then I hope she realizes that it's fans that make you famous and fans that buy your music. 


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Jana Kramer ‘I Hope It Rains’ – Video Review


The first single of Jana’s released to radio to be upbeat
and sassy, ‘I Hope It Rains’ is a solid single that required an equally dynamic
video. This is what they have delivered; it’s certainly nice to see Jana having
a good time in a music video, and her camera technique is very good.

The video for ‘I Hope It Rains’ is built around a line in
the second verse of the song about a white wedding. The storyline shows Jana
infiltrating the wedding venue, wearing the bridal gown (plus sneakers) and
dancing around, then as the video progresses we begin to see a bit of trashing
the place, Taylor Swift/Miranda Lambert-style. Turning the aisle into a slip
slide with her band, taking the figurines off the wedding cake and knocking
over glasses on the tables as she tiptoes along them, this video had all the
makings of a fun revenge fest, but doesn’t quite deliver its full potential.


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Jana Kramer ‘I Hope It Rains’ – Single Review


I am a self-professed disliker of country pop. I prefer
something a little more rooted in traditional song structures, and something
with a little more twang. However, I have always found Jana Kramer far more
listenable than most, and the singles released up until now, ‘Why You Wanna’
and ‘Whiskey’ I think have been strong, and have done fairly well on the charts
considering how new she is to country music. ‘I Hope It Rains’ continues this
pattern, and while all are quite pop-orientated (indeed, this track includes
“na na nas” as a hook), the songs pay a little more attention to ‘country’
instrumentation than some others, and are simply more interesting.

‘I Hope It Rains’ is built around drums and electric guitar,
but has a significant mandolin part that both begins and underlines the song
throughout, and very low in the mix,
a steel guitar is just audible on the chorus. This makes it more
pleasant-sounding and aurally accessible than some of the other straight pop
songs in Nashville, and while it has a pretty conventional sonic unit of the
punchy guitar lines led by a standard drum beat, it’s fairly dynamic and
summery. As is vital for all summer songs, it could easily be played whilst
driving and create a great atmosphere.


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So What Of The New Music Of 2013?


So, as everyone’s adjusting to the idea of it being 2013,
and the coming events of the new year, I thought I’d take you through some of
the new artists and new releases of 2013, and what I’m most looking forward to
etc (as if I’m a tastemaker, ha). Read away for the lowdown.

Albums I’m Looking Forward To:

  • Ashley
    Monroe – Like A Rose

I began listening to Ashley back in about 2007 on MySpace, then my life moved
on and I forgot about her, only to rediscover her every so often as the
credited songwriter on an album sleeve, and finally when the Pistol Annies were
formed. Their 2011 album, ‘Hell On Heels’ was amazing and I really hoped that
Ashley would also consider making her own music again. The announcement came a
few months ago when Ashley posted a new song, the title track, on her Twitter,
stating that her album would be released 18th December. I loved the
new song and was excited to hear the record BUT then Ashley and Vince Gill (who
happens to be her producer) wrote a new song and the release date was pushed
back until 5th March. I was gutted, but I am now counting down the
days until I can finally hear this long-overdue life-affirming release from
such a prolific songwriter of country music.

  • Kacey
    Musgraves – TBA

I’ve never watched Nashville Star (occupational hazard of living in the UK) so
I had never heard of Kacey Musgraves before this year, and although I had
vaguely heard the name, it wasn’t until the beginning of December that I
finally listened to ‘Merry Go Round’. That’s it, I was hooked, I researched
her, wrote articles, bought the track and if my iPhone was counting the number
of times I have played it, it without exaggeration would be in excess of 70 or
80, at least. My favorite country release of the year. Very little album
information has been released so far but it does at least seem it will be this
year it comes out, although that is little consolation for someone like me who
absolutely cannot wait. Watch this space.


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What’s 2013 Set To Hold In Country Music? I Have A Go At Making Some REAL Predictions…


Well, we had my summary of 2012 in country music, and after
querying it on Twitter, apparently people would like my take on what’s in store
for the bright new year. I’m going to predict things at random. Mostly they’re
educated guesses, but we all need a few totally off-the-wall predictions,

  • Hillary Scott’s baby will be a boy. I have no
    idea what is telling me this, but something is.
  • Another country star will get pregnant. I think
    Carrie and Miranda (who have often been asked about kids) are more set for
    2014/15, but a country star somewhere is bound to get pregnant.
  • As for Taylor Swift relationship drama, I think
    after a couple of months the relationship with Harry will be over (although
    judging by her most recent tweet, “…’til you put me down.” It may already
    be), and she will have another two more relationships before the year is out,
    with a couple of other people she’s romantically linked with in the media but
    it doesn’t come to anything. Taylor has learned that relationships = publicity
    so I think her record label will be onto her to keep in the public eye in this
  • Kellie Pickler’s 2012 album ‘100 Proof’ wasn’t
    very well promoted by her label, who she then split from last year, but now she
    has signed with Black River Entertainment I think she will release a brand new
    single, totally out of left field and blow everyone away.
  • Kristian Bush will release an EP of acoustic
    sessions and a few songs he’s been working on, whilst Jennifer is off on
    maternity leave with her baby. It just makes sense and I really want it to


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Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert reportedly buy house together in Nashville, reveal first joint Christmas card

Photo courtesy OMG! Yahoo How cute is this Christmas pic? Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert apparently found the one mall in this big ol' country of ours whose Santa is a…

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