Halfway To Hazard’s Chad Warrix heads solo, enjoys ‘being on the edge of country’: Exclusive

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It's always a difficult task for a singer, once part of a duo or group, to branch off into their own solo venture. But for Halfway To Hazard's Chad Warrix, who loves to rock out in white from head to toe, he's found new freedom and creative energy, as evidenced by his new single "Hitch."

"It’s really rewarding getting in and working on my solo stuff. We’re not getting any younger," he shares with NashvilleGab. Teaming up with musician David Tolliver, the two instantly connected and began an admirable career. After both performers relocated to Nashville, they struck up performances all across town, ultimately leading to a slot on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Soul2Soul tour and a deal with Mercury Records in 2006. Their self-titled debut followed the next year. They returned in 2012 with H2H: Come On Time.

Admittedly, Warrix discloses that going solo has been "a lot easier, in some ways." But let him explain:"I get to make more decisions, less collaboration. But I love David's stuff, too. We’ve been together so many years."


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