Magical words from Joey + Rory’s Rory: ”cancer” is such a little word compared to the word “love”

Joey, Rory, and IndianaPhoto: This Life I Live blog

Earlier this week on a blog post titled "Home of the brave," Joey + Rory's Rory revealed the surprising news that his wife Joey had been diagnosed with and treated for cancer. 

In May, at a routine appointment with her gynecologist, Joey’s doctor discovered something that concerned her.  She said there was a mass on Joey’s cervix and that she wanted do a biopsy, and would let us know the results when she got them back.   A few days later, Joey woke up from a nap with a message from the doctor, asking that we come in and talk with her that afternoon.  When we walked into the her office, the doctor was clearly upset.  Before she could even say the word “cancer”, her eyes welled up with tears and sobbing she said, “I’m so sorry Joey…”.   My wife bravely smiled and said, ” it’s gonna be okay, just tell us”.   And so she did.

Despite the scary diagnosis, it sounds like the family is handling things amazingly well. Rory followed his cancer announcement post with a second that is equally if not more amazing


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