Is the guy Trace Adkins got into a fight with a stalker or just a super-fan?


Update: Love & Theft's Stephen Barker Liles has pretty much confirmed in a new interview what I suspected in writing this story … Trace had gotten angry at Larsen for shadowing him for so long and following him to the cruise. Stephen also said that the guy had started signing autographs with Trace's name. Thankfully he says no punches were thrown between the two men. 

As you've probably heard by now, Trace Adkins' cruise this week ended up being anything but smooth sailing and Trace has since checked himself into rehab for alcohol. 

Since yesterday, I've heard from multiple people who are on the cruise that Trace was asked to leave the ship and didn't just leave because he felt the need to head to rehab. I'm happy he's gone back to rehab, no matter how he got there, but since yesterday I've been kind of curious what the story is with the guy Trace got into the tussle with. 

Up until now, all we've known him as is a Trace Adkins impersonator and that's been about it. 

Well in this day and age it doesn't take long for things to get around so now let me introduce you to Michael Larsen, the impersonator who is probably on minute 2 of his now quickly ticking away 15 who riled up country's resident gentle giant, Trace Adkins. 


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David Allan Coe and his son are apparently in some sort of fight

Tyler coe

Uh oh, looks like someone needs an Oprah intervention. 

Back in March of this year, David Allan Coe was in a pretty serious car wreck. Story was he ran a red light and was hit by a semi. 

So yeah, bad. 

Since March, though, I hadn't heard anything more about the accident until I got an email from Coe's son, Tyler, saying there was more to whole the story … not about the wreck itself but apparently what's been going on since then. 


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Wynonna Judd takes on talk show host over dirty coochie comment

Talk show host Wendy Williams is finding out the hard way that you don't mess with Wynonna Judd's sister. 

Wendy Williams posted a video to her Twitter account yesterday where she was talking about celebrity events in the news. She eventually began talking about Wynonna Judd's sister, actress Ashley Judd. Ashley has been in the news lately because she reconnected with her estranged husband, race car driver Dario Franchitti, after he was involved in a nasty wreck at the Houston Grand Prix earlier this month. 

Williams for some reason began talking about the fact that Ashley and Franchitti have been married for 11 years but have no children and how people shouldn't get married if they don't plan on having children. 


But then she went a little too far and commented on Ashley's age (45) and how she was "kinda rotten down there." 

Umm, hello, eww. The faces in the audience pretty much said it all. 



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Pittsburgh Steelers fighting with parking company president about Kenny Chesney

TrashPhoto courtesy Ban Kenny Chesney from Pittsburgh Facebook page

Uh oh, there's currently a war going on in Pittsburgh and it's all Kenny Chesney's fault. 

After the 60,000 pounds of trash that Kenny Chesney's rowdy – and some say disrespectful – fans left for cleanup crews at Heinz Field after the Kenny Chesney concert there last month, many people were pissed. One of those allegedly upset people was North Shore parking exec, Merrill Stabile, who voiced his opinion after the concert. 

Merrill told reporters, “The Kenny Chesney crowd is the most difficult crowd for our staff to work with of any of the events of the year.” He went on to say that security is a major issue, “We had a hard time getting police — a lot of police didn’t want to work this event.”

Now the Pittsburgh Steelers bosses have fired off a letter to the Stadium Authority asking them to compel Merrill to explain his comments and also asking him to kindly STFU.


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The Miranda Lambert vs Christina Aguilera feud gets shut down before it gets good….killjoys

Remember back in the day when our only true social media was Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, or the Today Show? There was no DVR and most of us couldn't program our VCRs so we'd gather around our TVs to check out the latest guests who were going to duke it out or at least give a severe verbal beatdown. If we were lucky the guests were celebrities and we got to witness firsthand that celebs were just like us and got into arguments and fights just like "real people." Oh those were the days.

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