Dierks Bentley ‘I Hold On’ – Single Review


What’s interesting about the circumstances of ‘I Hold On’ as
a single is that it is second in command to ‘Bourbon In Kentucky’, originally
the lead single from Dierks’ ‘Riser’ project. I say originally because after a
lack of success from ‘Bourbon’ (not enough trucks or cut-off jeans in it), the
label pulled it, and now his website states that ‘I Hold On’ is the lead
single. Bit embarrassed about the flop, are we?

‘Bourbon In Kentucky’ was much loved by fans and critics,
and there was plenty of disappointment on social media when it was announced
the single had been pulled. However, that’s not to say that ‘I Hold On’ is
lacking, at all. It dances around a
similar key and plenty of similar notes to its predecessor but it’s faster,
though it still fits into the emotional country rock ballad mould. Despite the
rock influence, however, they make sure to cover the whole spectrum of pitch,
with deep electric guitar strumming and driving adrenaline-inducing drums, juxtaposed
against bright acoustic guitar, pedal steel and dobro. This song has touches of
brilliance musically not in its technicality, but rather in its faithful
loyalty to country music yet the rock aspect that is perfect for stadiums, gets
your heart racing, and gives the track an ‘epic’ feel.


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Dierks Bentley to hold benefit concert for families of 19 firefighters killed in Arizona

What a good guy and what a great cause.

Dierks Bentley announced this morning that later this month (7/22) he will hold a benefit concert to raise money for the families of the 19 firefighters who died just last week fighting wildfires in Arizona. The deaths left behind 51 now-fatherless children.  

"It's a tragic event but hopefully this will provide some healing and sort of be an uplifting moment for the community," Bentley said. "We want to raise some money, try to be positive, focus on the good things and do something good on this occasion. Hopefully, it will be a fun evening in the face of tragic events and raise people's spirits."


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Dierks Bentley ‘Bourbon In Kentucky’ – Single Review


It’d be a bit of an understatement to say ‘Bourbon In
Kentucky’ was highly-anticipated. Ever since Dierks announced his new project
‘Riser’ via an explanatory
promotional video
, due in the Fall, there has been a huge buzz surrounding
the record and the single that would lead this self-professed intensely
personal album. I am not someone who is incredibly familiar with Dierks’ music
(save a few key tracks), so my review of it is largely untouched by comparisons
to previous material, and his star power.


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