Chris Young, “Aw Naw” – Single Review


Chris Young is one of the best male vocalists in contemporary Country music.

For the man who brought us the stellar "The Man I Want to Be" and the sensational "Tomorrow" (among countless album cuts that never saw the light of day), I'm rather perplexed on his laundry-list, yee-haw attempt with "Aw Naw."

I suppose I should have expected him to throw his cowboy hat-wearing self into the ring. This is the kind of song the leading men of Nashville are expected to release these days. Take a look to Jason Aldean's "1994" and Blake Shelton's "Boys 'Round Here," as examples. If this were a female releasing a song like this, it just wouldn't fly in any way, shape or form. (Anyone remember Gretchen Wilson?) However, because Chris is a charming 20-something, he gets a free pass. I digress.

The production is, perhaps, the best thing about this track.


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