Charlie Worsham tears it up at 3rd & Lindsley; Angaleena Presley surprises


If there ever was a newcomer who could radically shake up modern country music, it would be the guitar-plucking and smoothing-talking Charlie Worsham. During his show at Nashville's 3rd & Lindsley on Saturday (June 21), the "Could It Be" singer captivated the crowd with his showmanship, scorching the stage with cuts from his acclaimed Rubberband debut. Of course, he kept his set fresh, with a cool throwback spin, performing a medley of Beatles hits (including "Come Together" and "Let It Be"), as well as a banjo-fused version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

With every strum of his instrument–whether it be an acoustic or electric guitar–he never missed a beat, ultimately solidifying his placement as one of the format's most promising trailblazers. If his first Top 20 hit wasn't enough to convince you of his worth, Worsham's live show certainly does the trick.


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Charlie Worsham’s episode of Bones now available online

Charlie BonesPhoto:

Did you miss Charlie Worsham's guest spot on Friday's episode of Bones? Then you're in luck because you now have a couple of ways to watch it both online and on your various electronic devices.

You can now watch the episode, which aired on Friday, 1/17, on your computer on both Hulu and Fox, or you can download it on iTunes.  


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25 Best Albums of 2013


Country music absolutely thrived this year, and that doesn't include what the mainstream regurgitated out to the masses. No, there will be no Bro-Country records in this "Best Of" piece. In fact, what many of this list's artists are doing is what the mainstream should be doing. When it comes to remarkable storytellers and vocalists, you have to look a lot further than corporate-held radio to get a firm grip on compelling stories of love, loss, heartache and even happiness.

While I enjoy plenty of what the mainstream has to offer, I find myself peering deeper within the genre's roots to fulfill my musical appetite. You probably won't recognize most of the names on this list, but I assure you, this collection has truly moved me (sometimes, to tears) over the past 12 months. I strongly urge you to take a listen, if you haven't already.


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Charlie Worsham, ‘Rubberband’ – Album Review


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Rarely does a male country singer impress me. With the mainstream clouded with drinking beer and picking up hot girls, occasionally a true musician and storyteller comes along to break the standard. Charlie Worsham shatters any pre-conceived notions on his debut album "Rubberband," a truly interesting and diverse 11-track record. With the lead single "Could It Be" (a pleasant uptempo ditty) currently at Top 20 on radio, he is poised to usher in the new guard of country music that both honors tradition and makes it modern without the need to water it down.


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