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A List Of The Best Songs About Football [Take A Look]

The top football songs include “The Boys of Fall,” “Tennessee Orange,” “Nineteen,” “21 to 17,” “The Ball,” “Friday Night,” “Indian Summer,” “Big Orange T,” “Coach,” and “Home Game.”

In country football music, things are a bit different from the usual cheering anthems. These songs tell stories—maybe about the players’ pasts, memories tied to matches, or even the game itself, like rivalries and the intense feelings involved.

They’re more than just cheers; these songs skillfully capture the emotions that come with the game.

What Are The Best Football Songs Of All Time?

If you’re in search of the greatest football songs ever, you’re in the right spot. This list is exactly what you’re looking for:

Kenny Chesney.The Boys of Fall
Megan MoroneyTennessee Orange
Old Crow Medicine ShowBig Orange T
Brooks And DunnIndian Summer
 Billy Ray CyrusNineteen
Neal McCoy21 to 17
James OttoThe Ball
Brantley GilbertFriday Night
Some of the songs along with the artists

‘The Boys Of Fall’ By Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney sitting and posing in a white hat
Image credit: Kenny Chesney/Instagram (kennychesney)

Kenny Chesney, having been a high school football player himself, co-wrote this song with Casey Beathard, and it was released in 2010. The song serves as Chesney’s narrative of his high school football experience, providing a player’s perspective.

It focuses on the camaraderie and friendships among teammates, highlighting the strong bonds they share. The lyrics dive into the overall football experience and emphasize the sacrifices and dedication required for the game.

Beyond the pursuit of victory, the song highlights the valuable life lessons learned through the journey. It instills a sense of pride in the sport, offering a nostalgic journey for former players back to the cherished memories of their playing days.

‘Tennessee Orange’ By Megan Moroney

Megan Moroney posing in a green dress
Image credit: Megan Moroney/Instagram (megmoroney)

In 2020, this song was released and resonated with many people, earning its popularity and even a nomination for the CMA award for Song of the Year. The song tells the story of a girl from Georgia who found love with a guy from Tennessee.

It captures the emotions of falling in love despite knowing the challenges and complications that may arise when dating someone from a different hometown. The lyrics convey the bravery that love inspires, encouraging the listener to make their own decisions and continue to pursue love despite the obstacles.

Despite her usual support of the Georgia Bulldogs, the girl in the song now proudly wears Tennessee orange, symbolizing her commitment to the relationship.

‘Nineteen’ By Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus at his appointment
Image credit: Billy Ray Cyrus/Instagram (billyraycyrus)

In 2011, this song created quite a buzz in town due to its exceptional quality. Sung by the talented Billy Ray Cyrus, it quickly gained popularity for all the right reasons.

The song narrates the life of a 19-year-old boy who initially excelled as a high school football player, leading his team to the state level and earning a scholarship to play in Tennessee. However, the events of the September 11 attack drastically changed the boy’s perspective.

In response, he shifted his field and reevaluated his future. He made the courageous decision to join the military and serve his country.

The song captures the moving journey of this young man, showcasing his resilience, bravery, and newfound sense of purpose.

’21 to 17′ By Neal McCoy

The heartfelt ballad released in 1997 takes listeners on a journey down memory lane and climbed to the top of the Billboard country charts. The entire album is a collection of stories from the past.

This particular song recounts a moment during a football game where, amidst the excitement of the match, the narrator’s lover appears and returns the engagement ring, signaling the end of their relationship.

Despite the team’s success on the field, the narrator feels a personal loss. He reflects on attending every game but distinctly remembers one with a score of 21 to 17 because that’s when she ended their relationship.

‘The Ball’ By James Otto

spotify wrapped of James Otto
Image credit: James Otto/Instagram (jamesotto)

This masterpiece from 2002 not only reached the top of the Billboard country charts but is also truly deserving of all the appreciation it has received. The song gives valuable wisdom that is worth learning.

It narrates the story of a guy who, during the last 10 seconds of the Homecoming ’89 football game, failed to score a goal and even injured his hand. On the same day, his lover left a note ending their relationship. Amid confusion and sadness, he took a job on the coast and, eventually, found his one true love and the mother of his children.

The song is a message to his children, teaching them that although things didn’t go as planned, God’s plan turned out to be the greatest. He expresses that he doesn’t wish he had scored that goal, as it led him to the fulfilling life he has now.

‘Friday Night’ By Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert pointing towards his shirt
Image credit: Brantley Gilbert/Instagram (brantleygilbert)

This football song, released in 2009 and making its mark on the Billboard country charts, holds resonance for many former football players. It paints a vivid picture of a dark Friday night, the only light coming from the ground where a state football match unfolds.

After describing the experience of playing football during that time, the song shifts to the present, where the man stands on the same ground, cherishing memories he and others created there. It reflects on how time brings change, leaving behind only memories as the stadium now remains quite.

‘Indian Summer’ By Brooks And Dunn

Brooks And Dunn on the 2000s Country poster
Image credit: Brooks And Dunn/Instagram (brooksanddunn)

This chart-topping hit on the Billboard country charts came out in 2009. It tells the story of a football player who, after scoring a goal, caught the attention of a cheerleader who admired his playing style.

As time went on, they fell in love and enjoyed good times during the Indian summer. Unfortunately, by autumn, they went their separate ways.

The song reflects on the fond memories and good times they shared, along with the heartbreak. The lyrics also express the artist’s contemplation about where their relationship might be if he hadn’t scored that goal.

‘Big Orange T’ By Old Crow Medicine Show

A band performing
Image credit: Old Crow Medicine Show/Instagram (crowmedicine)

This song from 2022 has become popular thanks to its catchy lyrics and even made it to the Billboards.

It’s a straightforward tune with no profound meaning. It just focuses entirely on cheering for the Tennessee football team and celebrating the team’s iconic orange T symbol.

‘Coach’ By Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney posing in a stadium
Image credit: Kenny Chesney/Instagram (kennychesney)

The touching and insightful song that came out in 2016 has gained popularity.

It gives life lessons, emphasizing the importance of embracing both highs and lows as integral parts of our journey which shapes who we become. While the song primarily depicts players conversing with their coach, its message resonates across all aspects of life.

‘Home Game’ By Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell holding a black cap and posing
Image credit: Cole Swindell /Instagram (coleswindell)

This song from 2016 is dedicated to the world of football, capturing the emotions when you step onto the field, and making it relatable for many.

It expresses the unique feelings that come with wearing that jersey and stepping onto the ground. The song highlights that when rivals are present, it’s not just about winning or losing; what truly matters is the overall experience.

Top Five Football Songs 2022/23

Sum Up

  • Country football music is a unique genre that goes beyond typical cheering anthems. These songs capture the emotions distinctively associated with football.
  • These songs tell stories—maybe about the players’ pasts, memories tied to matches, or even the game itself, like rivalries and the intense feelings involved.
  • As for the top 10 country football songs, they include:
    • The Boys of Fall,
    • Tennessee Orange,
    • Nineteen,
    • 21 to 17,
    • The Ball,
    • Friday Night,
    • Indian Summer,
    • Big Orange T,
    • Coach,
    • Home Game.

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