‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 17 – RECAP


This episode picked up where last week left off, showing Juliette officially signed to Highway 65. In the first official meeting to discuss strategy, Rayna and Tandy’s intentions to keep her signing under the radar until Rayna’s album release piss off Juliette, who wants to offer digital downloads and shout from the heavens about her return to country music. Grouchy about the fact that her new label head is praising other artists and not her (how much re-assurance and attention does this girl need?!), at an industry party to preview Rayna’s album Juliette gets up on stage and drops the bombshell, prompting the press in attendance to go crazy and infuriating her boss, who knows that things have been screwed up. She decides to invite Juliette to perform a duet with her at her Grand Ole Opry performance the next night, but the reaction isn’t exactly overwhelming and things aren’t looking peachy for Highway 65.


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 16 – RECAP


Following the drama of last week, Nashville was back with a bang in episode 16, as we begin to inch towards the season’s climax. Rayna was on the warpath this week, discovering Liam was sleeping with Scarlett and firing him, after a conversation where Scarlett admitted she was falling for him, and firing Tandy after her poor keeping of the books led to cheques bouncing and The Cadillac Three choosing to sign with Big Machine instead of Highway 65. Refusing to have people around her who break her trust, Luke is back and tries to convince Rayna that she needs to deal with the pain of her father’s death, but of course she continues to bottle and just be generally angry at everyone. 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 15 – RECAP


Nashville returned on Wednesday night after a 3 week hiatus, to an episode both exciting and darkly dramatic. Rayna is getting things together with her label and Scarlett’s new music, but Teddy arrives to tell her that Lamar is dead, and slips in a few white lies about how he tried to help but it was too late. They tell the press and begin preparations for a private family funeral (which strangely Juliette is invited to), and Rayna is faced with telling Tandy, who erupts into hysterical sobs, while her sister remains cold and hard-faced, still furious at her father for the lies and betrayal. Deacon is alerted by Maddie, who cries to him down the phone at the news, and he tries to get through to Rayna who acts pissy with him and puts the phone down. He comes over to her house because he’s worried at how she’s bottling things up and she tells them about her father’s involvement in her mother’s death, and despite being blindsided by the revelation Deacon insists that she’s not okay and she needs to process this, which Rayna snaps at. She’s sick of all the lying and doesn’t want to forgive anyone for it. After continuing to be cold-faced at the funeral however, alone in Lamar’s office and pouring some whiskey she freaks out and has a breakdown, throwing things and sobbing hysterically, as Tandy and Teddy watch, part in sadness, part in horror. 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 14 – RECAP


The drama builds as we move towards 2/3rds of the way through season 2 of Nashville.

Juliette and Avery have slept together, and the former is using his place to hide out and ignore the calls and messages from Emily. She wants to lay low, and to Avery’s dismay decides to change all the furniture to something a lot more feminine, while watching his weird artsy movies that she doesn’t understand. In the end Avery tells her to change all the furniture back, and convinces her to come out of her hole, and she turns up to Deacon’s recording at the Bluebird. 


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Nashville, Season 2, Episode 13 – RECAP


Rayna and Luke have gone public with their relationship, and Luke is really bonding with Maddie and Daphne, especially Daphne, who is enjoying the father figure with a lack of Teddy in the picture. Luke has casually bought Rayna a freaking NASCAR ad on the actual car and invited her to perform her new single and announce her album drop date at a private sponsor showcase he’s playing. Rayna spies Sam Boone, who is basically Mr. Walmart, and decides to woo him for shelf space, offering to show him round the Opry etc. It’s all going well until he tells her that shelf space is decided over a year in advance so she won’t be able to get any. However, growing public outcry against Juliette means Sam decides to stop stocking her albums and he tells Rayna her albums can replace them; one withering look from Maddie and she declines, not wanting to do business the Edge Hill way (girl there’s this thing called iTunes, you’ll be fine). It’s clear also that Luke is pro-Rayna despite being signed to Edge Hill and Jeff is furious, attempting to block off her release with those from Edge Hill.


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Nashville, Season 2, Episode 12 – RECAP


The drama continues as Juliette tries to overcome the fact that thousands of fans are burning her albums. However, many venues are pulling out of her tour, for threat or for political reasons. Juliette is furious, but becomes increasingly deflated as the episode goes on, and considers that she might lose her entire career. Avery steps in to save the day (after she’s downed a bottle of vodka and passed out), and decides to remind her what she loved about her life in the first place, but dressing her up in disguise and taking her down to the street to perform as someone else. A crowd gathers, and she loves it, but Juliette still decides to go home and mull over everything instead of spend further time with THE GUY WHO IS DOING EVERYTHING FOR HER. Jeez, this girl needs glasses. Meanwhile Jeff turns up at Juliette’s house to have a go at her and threaten her, right up in her face! He demands that she apologizes to the public, even though she doesn’t want to lie. She finally goes to church and makes some peace, and then arrives at Avery’s house to write a song, having “made her decision”. 


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Nashville, Season 2, Episode 11 – RECAP


Nashville returned with a bang last Wednesday night after a Winter hiatus that saw fans eagerly awaiting the news of whether Peggy and Will would bite the dust. Turns out it was Peggy (cue a huge sigh of a relief from most fans of the show) and Teddy is shown having to deal with this intense tragedy, holding back tears during a press conference to announce the detaining of the culprit. However, wrought with grief, he pours over the papers of the investigation, convinced that the murderer’s loss of job 5 years ago is not entirely to blame for his intent to kill. He allows himself to believe that this may be a larger, group plot, and extends the investigation, telling Rayna to keep the kids away so that they don’t come into any potential harm.


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 10 – RECAP


It’s been several weeks since Nashville last appeared on our screens, so I’m thinking we need a recap now more than ever, right?

As the episode opens Juliette is confronted with the news of hers and Charlie Wentworth’s affair being leaked to the tabloids. This puts a severe downer on her headlining the Music City Festival, and she is ushered in back ways in order to escape the aggressive press. She’s seething and tasks Glenn with finding the person who tipped off the tabloids, although she’s convinced that it was Layla (which of course it was). Jeff warns Juliette about handling this carefully, but when Layla gets smug with him he also suspects her and threatens to drop her if he finds out it was her. As Juliette goes on stage to perform there are people in the crowd with a huge sign saying “homewrecker”, which knocks her off balance, only to be saved by Avery who reinstalls her confidence. Juliette goes to the press and tells them no comment, then runs to Avery to tell him she loves him, only to find that he is with Scarlett, and she flees. 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 9 – RECAP


Juliette is annoyed at Charlie Wentworth for saying that he loved her, and she doesn’t believe him, hurt by previous lovers and aware of the Wentworth’s game. He is adamant that he is telling the truth, and to prove it he publicly announces his divorce from Olivia. Charlie convinces Juliette that he is serious and she begins to let him in, but just like Dante did in season 1, he makes Juliette feel more powerful than she is, and ruffles plenty of feathers, including Glen’s. Will says that maybe one day he’ll find someone that’ll make him the best version of himself, and Juliette considers that and decides to end it with Charlie, heading back to Nashville and reaching out to Avery. 


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Chart Roundup – Week of December 14th, 2013

Danielle Bradbery To Release Self-Titled Album November 19

We have a new Hot Country Songs #1 this week in the form of Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Stay’, which is also now at #6 on Country Airplay and #3 on Country Digital Songs. However, they also hold the Country Digital Songs #1 with ‘This Is How We Roll’ featuring Luke Bryan (also #18 on Hot Country Songs), #5 with ‘Cruise’, #12 with ‘Take It Out On Me’, #13 with ‘Hands On You’, #18 with ‘Headphones’ and #25 with ‘People Back Home’, while ‘Here’s To The Good Times’ is at #4 on Top Country Albums. Luke Bryan’s also having a great week, ‘That’s My Kind of Night’ returning to #3 on Hot Country Songs and #2 on Country Digital Songs, while ‘Drink A Beer’ is just below it at #4 on Country Digital Songs, #7 on Hot Country Songs and #15 on Country Airplay, and ‘Crash My Party’ has dropped to #3 on Top Country Albums.


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Chart Roundup – Week of December 7th, 2013


This week Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert’s smash hit ‘We Were Us’ has hit #1 on country radio, and retains the top spot on Hot Country Songs for another week. In addition, it holds onto #2 on Country Digital Songs. Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Stay’ beat them out on this chart and took #1 with ‘Stay’, bubbling just under the surface at #2 on Hot Country Songs and #9 on Country Airplay, with ‘Here’s To The Good Times’ sticking to #3 on Top Country Albums. In addition ‘Cruise’ has returned to #9 on Country Digital Songs, and ‘Round Here’ is at #18 on the same chart. Blake Shelton’s ‘Mine Would Be You’ remains a good seller, charting at #3 across Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay, although falling a little to #8 on Country Digital Songs. ‘Based On A True Story…’ has returned to #4 on Top Country Albums too. 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 8 – RECAP


This episode carries on where the last left off, with the aftermath of Olivia kissing Juliette. The latter backs away, angry, discovering that the couple were grooming her for a threesome. She tells Olivia to leave and gets out of the city as fast as possible, returning to Nashville to write with Avery. She tells him what happened, and he convinces her she doesn’t need to be pushed around by rich people like the Wentworths. Juliette flies to Dallas just to confront the pair and throw carefully calculated abuse at them, and it looks like they’ve been written out of the show. The shocker comes when Charlie turns up at her house to tell her he’s falling in love with her. 


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