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Artists in The Human Fraternity Conference (Garth,Trisha & Sistine)

The World Meeting on Human Fraternity, sometimes referred to as the #BeHuman or Vatican conference, was a ray of hope in a world where conflict and discord frequently take the stage.

A wide range of artists, musicians, and performers were pulled together by this innovative event with a common goal of love, peace, and togetherness.

The #BeHuman conference encouraged guests to strive for a more peaceful, united, and human rights-for-all society through performances, messages, and times of connection.

Inspiring Change – #BeHuman Conference

May 10–11, 2024, saw the two-day #BeHuman conference held at the Vatican.

A non-profit active in advancing human fraternity and peace, the Fratelli Tutti Foundation arranged this creative event.

Over 350 participants, including 25 Nobel Peace Prize recipients, celebrities, and powerful people from politics, industry, education, and entertainment, attended the meeting.

12 roundtable conversations centered on different topics connected to human rights, education, and peace were part of the conference.

These talks sought to promote conversation, share thoughts, and look at ways to address world issues.

Topics covered included “Peace and Fraternity,” “Education for Human Rights,” “Business for Peace,” and “Agriculture for Development.”

Roundtable talks with panelists from several backgrounds and moderated by authorities in their domains guaranteed a rich and inclusive interchange of viewpoints.

Human Fraternity Conference
Vatican Conference.

Pope Francis was one of the conference’s highlights; he visited with the participants on Saturday and took part in a roundtable discussion with kids.

In creating a more just and peaceful society, His Holiness underlined the need for solidarity, compassion, and togetherness.

In addition, the conference included cultural events, workshops, and keynote addresses all of which promoted peace and human fellowship.

Attendees had a rare chance to get together, exchange experiences, and pick up knowledge from one another at the #BeHuman event.

It sought to uplift and enable people to take on the role of change agents and contribute to a world that is more harmonious and peaceful.

A call to action that urged participants to carry on the conversation and cooperate to create a better future for everyone closed the conference.

Highlights of #BeHuman Conference.

Music Performances of Conference

Numerous events at the #BeHuman conference highlighted the ability of music and art to advance unity and brotherhood.

A highlight of the evening was Garth Brooks‘ acoustic performance of his well-known songs “The River,” “Amazing Grace,” and “The Change.”

As the audience of all origins performed along and relished the musical, Brooks’ performance served as evidence of the worldwide culture of music.

The Vatican’s choir, the Sistine Chapel Choir, gave an excellent performance of “Hallelujah” and other heavenly tunes.

Attendees felt united and at home as the choir’s wonderful vocals filled the space. The conference included poetry readings and regional dances amid other cultural events.

Through showcasing the rich traditions of many countries and communities, these performances underlined the value of variety and acceptance in creating a safer world.

The shows highlighted throughout the conference the ability of art and culture to connect people and spur constructive change.

They gave participants much-needed rest from the heated arguments and conversations, enabling them to recharge and refuel before getting back to the essential task of improving the world.

Artist’s Messages for Peace

Known by many as the #BeHuman conference, the World Meeting on Human Fraternity brought together a varied mix of singers, musicians, and artists who delivered their messages of love, peace, and harmony.

Legendary country music performer Garth Brooks joined the stage to do an acoustic session.

Encouraged the audience to hear each other’s tales and viewpoints, he underlined the value of empathy and understanding.

Renowned country music singer Trisha Yearwood, the wife of Garth Brooks, also performed at the convention.

She talked about how music might unite people and spur constructive change. As nothing else can, she remarked, “music can heal and unite us.”

Trisha Yearwood
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

At the meeting, other performers, among them the Sistine Chapel Choir, filled the auditorium with lovely music and motivated the audience to further human rights and peace.

The audience found great resonance in the artists’ statements, which served as a reminder of the value of understanding, compassion, and kindness in creating a more peaceful society.

The World Meeting on Human Fraternity served as evidence of the ability of music and art to advance human rights, peace, and unity; people all across the world will be inspired and motivated by the artists.

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Country Artists as Peace Advocates

Garth Brooks

Legendary country music performer Garth Brooks has long supported social justice and peace.

People from many walks of life have responded to his music, which has spread messages of love, compassion, and harmony.

His song “We Shall Be Free,” which encourages social fairness and solidarity, is among his best-known peace advocacy compositions.

Along with his many benefit concerts, he has supported social equality, children’s organizations, and disaster relief.

He has also backed groups that advance music education and help struggling musicians, such as the Country Music Association Foundation and the Grammy Foundation.

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks.

Trisha Yearwood

Wife of Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood is a gifted country music singer who additionally speaks out in favor of peace and unity.

Her songs frequently encourage listeners to strive for a better future by stressing themes of love, optimism, and resiliency.

She has played at benefit concerts and other social good events and has supported charitable groups including the American Red Cross and the Country Music Association Foundation.

Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love” is an effective example of her dedication to encouraging faith and fortitude in the face of hardship.

Sistine Chapel Choir

For ages, the Sistine Chapel Choir is one of the greatest and most well-known choirs in the world, has represented harmony and serenity.

Their exquisite fusion of spiritual and classical tones has bonded individuals from many backgrounds and countries.

Along with recordings like “Vatican Christmas” and “Hymns of Faith” that encourage themes of love and harmony, they have performed at events and performances that support peace and social justice.

Numerous people have been motivated to strive for a more peaceful world by their music, and they have worked with musicians from all backgrounds and cultures to advance peace and understanding across civilizations.


  • Artists, musicians, and performers came together at the #BeHuman conference in the name of peace, affection, and harmony.
  • Showcased in the Vatican, it highlighted the universal tone of music, uniting people and driving change.
  • Inspiring faith and unity with his strong voice and profound words, Garth Brooks performed.
  • His well-known song “We Shall Be Free” called for equal treatment and unity.
  • Trisha Yearwood gave a performance, her voice and style conveying kindness and love.
  • The exquisite music of the Sistine Chapel Choir reminded us of the common language of music and cut over barriers.
  • The conference encouraged participants to advance human rights, peace, and unity as well as a peaceful world.
  • The contributions of Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, and the Sistine Chapel Choir will be cherished and encourage the next generations to strive for harmony and peace.

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