Me and Kenny RogersHello out there any readers who make it to this page. My name is Shannon – also known as Bloggin’ Momma, Queen Bee, NashvilleGab, or whatever else people can think up to call me. Trust me, there have been some colorful names thrown my way over the years.

I’m a proud mama of two – a son, 15, and a daughter, 17 – and a wife of over 21 years to one. Yes, I’ve been married for over 20 years. Sure, I can give you marriage advice, I just can’t guarantee it’ll be good advice.

So it may surprise some of you but I don’t actually live in Nashville and instead live in Idaho west of Boise on the Idaho-Oregon border. I’m a big celebrity junkie and an even bigger country music fan and am pretty much the queen of completely useless celebrity trivia. I started NashvilleGab back in 2008 on a whim because I couldn’t find any good country music gossip and news that was actually fun to read. I figured if I was looking for something different, so were others, and boy was I right. Nearly seven years later and I’m still going strong and growing all the time.

Now I do deal in gossip, but it’s meant to be fun and I’m not here to ruin anyone’s day or life. I’m snarky but harmless and only share the stories I find entertaining and interesting. That said, the news I share isn’t for everyone and I understand that. I respect your right to complain in the comment section, but be aware that I quite often gripe right back and am not afraid to stand my ground. If you’re okay with my opinion then I’m okay with yours. I value all comments and don’t delete any unless they are (1) strictly advertising another site; (2) they serve little or no purpose other than to be mean and abusive; (3) they contain personal information; (4) they are spam.

All that said, I’m a human being and do make mistakes. If you come across something on the site that is wrong or I’ve accidentally used your picture or something, just email me and let me know at

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