Richard Lynch – Better Off

If you’re looking for uproariously good Country music that’s fun and makes you feel good, then you’ve definitely heard of Richard Lynch. With a career spanning over four decades of singing, writing and performing good ol’ honkytonk and Country music, he’s a seasoned veteran of the genre. His catalog of music is impressive stuff, and now he’s adding to that list with his latest single, “Better Off.”

With “Better Off,” Richard writes about relationships, or rather how happy is to be out of them. The entire song is dedicated to this idea, with Richard celebrating being free of his lover, even going as far as to thank her new partner. Generally, the song is pretty lighthearted and fun, and that’s the general vibe it gives off.

Musically, it’s mostly your standard honkytonk fare, being upbeat, joyous and simple. You’ve got your acoustic guitars, crisp percussion and Richard’s gravelly delivery. It’s incredibly laid-back, but that adds to its generally more comedic and almost goofy nature. That’s not a knock on the song either, as this is what makes it enjoyable and unique, emblematic of Richard Lynch’s signature musical style.

Richard’s vocal delivery is great stuff too, matching up with the song’s vibe perfectly. You can tell he’s having a great time himself, not stressing over hitting emotional notes or such. It’s what makes the performance so endearing as we join him on a little song and dance. He also straight up radiates joyous energy here, making it easy to get caught up the general mood of things and bob your head.

The arrangement is somewhat complex, with many different instruments coming together in a busy but still cohesive manner. Props go to the production team, who manage to make the song keep a clean and pleasant sound, without sacrificing any of the homely warmness that make the song so captivating. “Better Off” radiates good vibes thanks to the simplistic but nice production, and it really makes the song work. 

Overall, Richard Lynch impresses once again, with a solid honkytonk performance that’s just dripping fun. It’s impossible to listen to “Better Off” without shaking your head along to its upbeat sound. Every moment is lighthearted and enjoyable, even though the topics on hand could be seen as sad or upsetting. It’s another solid single from Richard Lynch, and we’re excited to see more from him in the future.