John McDonough – Point Me East

As we grow older, it becomes easier to look back on the life you’ve lived and reflect on everything you’ve experienced. It’s a complicated feeling, but one that everyone can share and testify to. There’s a certain sobering sense of accomplishment and comfort that comes with it, but how do you bottle that feeling up and put it into song? That’s what John McDonough looks to answer with his new single, “Point Me East.”

As a single, “Point Me East” isn’t trying to capture your attention or blow your mind with bombastic sound. Instead, it’s a calm, cool and collected Country song, leaning towards the softer end of the spectrum. It’s fitting, as the song is all about how as life gets longer, time seems to slow down and your reflect on life. As John McDonough does exactly this, there’s a bittersweet feeling that’s almost addicting.

The single doesn’t mince any words or try to dress things up nicely, as John McDonough sings about how life has, in some ways, left him behind. His children are all grown up, and the things that were once new and interesting are now common and comforting. He finds solace in all the smaller things in life, and joins others in talks about the good old days of the past, through bright and dark times.

As it is now, he simply wants to be pointed East, overlooking a river, and to rest for the rest of his days. It’s a beautiful picture, one that’s as bittersweet as it is comforting and mellow. A nostalgic quality certainly permeates the song’s atmosphere, but it’s not one of longing. Instead, it’s appreciative of the times gone by, while also at peace with what the future holds.

John’s delivery is spot on, as he sounds less like he’s simply singing and more as if he’s spilling his heart to his listeners. His gravelly vocals sound immaculately genuine, and it’s incredibly easy to get immersed into the song and lose yourself in its calming lull. Production, as is the case with most Country music, is kept sparse but still polished enough to retain interest.

Overall, we were quite pleased with “Point Me East,” a deeply sweet and serene song that doesn’t try to be anything grander than it is. Listening to it is a personal experience, like listening to someone share their thoughts with you during a quiet moment, and for that it gets a solid commendation from us. We’re happy to hear it, and it’s a solid addition to his already fantastic backlog of music.